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Clean Master for PC is a very handy cleanup tool that nicely covers all the bases when it comes to keeping your computer neat & clean. Slow computer, full of junk files, privacy leak, these are some of the common problems of a computer. Clean Master provides a solution to these problems and ensures your computer always performs well and runs like brand new! It is the Windows version of Android’s popular optimization app. 

How Clean Master for Computer Works? 

This application removes unnecessary files from the system and recovers space on your computer’s hard drive. Clean Master is very efficient, usable; therefore, over the years, it has been a very popular cleaning app for both Android and Windows users. 

This app searches your computer for unnecessary files. The searching process is very quick, and when finished, a report appears listing all removable files which are subdivided by type: Audio / Video, browser and system cache, junk files from third-party apps, social junk, invalid registry keys, and many others.

From the report, you can easily analyze the details of each of these elements and identify which specific files are clogging up your computer. Then you can delete files one by one, or you can delete all files at once and clean up space. There is a feature available where you can set up Clean Master so that it starts up when you open Windows and run in the background and look for junk files. Moreover, you can enable a notification that will inform you when junk files exceed a certain amount (100, 300, 500, 800MB or 1GB).

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  • Very quick analysis
  • Cleans different parts of your PC
  • Convincing design and usability
  • Configurable notifications
  • Can be integrated with the context menu


  • Few advanced features
  • The options menu is a bit lacking

Features of Clean Master

Clean Master is excellent software for properly cleaning and maintaining Windows. This app has some great features. Let’s have a look at them!

Junk Clean

The advanced system of Clean Master can scan 1,000+ programs at a time. Just one click and you can clean all the residual system junk files to completely free up your computer storage! You can also check for files manually and see which files are creating problems.

PC Boost

With the help from Clean Master, you can easily make your computer lag-free. You can easily stop all the unnecessary startup programs and can speed up boot time and boost your computer. Moreover, Clean Master intelligently optimizes system and network settings, so you don’t have to worry about Clean Master massing around your computer.

Privacy Clean

Clean Master can eliminate 6 types of privacy risks. With the help of Clean Master, you can easily lock out intruders and remove risky browsing records. The anti-tracking feature of Clean Master provides all these facilities. Like junk clean, Clean Master scans the computer for privacy problems and fixes them. You can also manually check the problems and fix them by yourself. 

Driver Booster

Driver Booster is an excellent feature of the Clean Master. Driver Booster supports scanning and fixing over 5,000,000 devices and drivers. Clean Master scans the drivers of the computer and find out the problems. Then they show all the problems in a report. You can easily fix all the problems with just one click or manually check the problems and fix them.

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FAQs about Clean Master for Personal Computer

Is clean Master good for PC?

Clean Master is a very good cleaner and optimizer on the Windows platform, and this app has 280 million monthly active users all over the world. This shows how popular this app is around the world and also indicates how good this app is for the computer.

How do I clean junk files from my computer?

If you have a Clean Master installed on your computer, then you can easily clean the junk files from the computer. Go to your clean master app and select “Junk Clean,” and the app will scan the computer and find out all the junk files. Then you can easily delete them.

Is it safe to delete junk files?

Junk files are temporary files such as cache, residual files, temporary files, etc. It is very important to remove the junk files which are useless and affecting your device performance. Cleaning or deleting junk files will boost your device performance and will not cause any problem with your computer.  

How do I clean my computer for free?

You can use the basic version of Clean Master to clean your computer free. Just install the Clean Master app and clean your computer easily.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Clean Master for PC is a well laid out, unobtrusive cleaning tool. The app is very easy to use, and it will definitely boost your computer’s performance. Feel free to ask anything about Clean Master in the comment section. Our expert will answer your questions! 

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