How Much Are BTS VIP Tickets

BTS VIP Tickets

If you want to attend one of the BTS Concerts, you should know that the BTS VIP tickets will set you back $445 for the USA and $545 CAD for Canada (Toronto).  What You Will Get Along If You Buy BTS VIP Tickets For The USA?  – Exclusive BTS Listed VIP Badge    – VIP Ticket …

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Are Scratch Off Tickets Worth It?

Scratch Off Tickets

Whether you decide to use them for promotional purposes or simply as conversation starters during your next party, scratch-off tickets are a lot of fun. If you thought scratch-off tickets were luck, you’ll probably be surprised at what we discovered while we did this research. Take a look and see what we found out. Value …

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Is Scalping Tickets Illegal In The USA?

Scalping Tickets

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 15 states prohibit ticket scalping in some way. The penalties for these offenses vary, but in most cases, they are considered misdemeanors with fines and jail time. In general, scalping tickets is not illegal in the United States. Instead, the laws address the tactics people use to …

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How Much Do Movie Tickets Cost (On Average)?

Movie Tickets Cost

Movie lovers all around the world are looking for ways to save money on movie tickets. One of the best ways to do that is to use movie theater rewards programs. These programs are run by movie theaters and give moviegoers the opportunity to earn points for each ticket they buy. The points can be …

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Are Presale Tickets Cheaper?

Are Presale Tickets Cheaper_

Some argue that Pre-sale Tickets are cheaper because the prices of presale tickets are much lower than those of the final tickets, because they don’t have to pay any service fees, and the event organizers get enough funds to get going with those presale tickets. So in effect, they are cheaper. Presale tickets are often …

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Is TicketsOnSale Legit or Scam?

is TicketsOnSale scam or legit.png

Tickets on sale is a service that provides tickets to events for people who are not able to buy them at the ticket booth. The site claims that they do not sell resold tickets, but there are some sellers that claim otherwise. Without any doubt, Tickets On Sale is legit. But the saddest thing is …

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What is a Stadium Tour For Musical Artists?

stadium tour

A stadium tour is a journey that most musical artists embark on during their careers. It sounds more like a vacation than a work trip. They visit different countries and perform in stadiums, and sometimes in theaters. A stadium tour can be an amazing experience for both the artist and the audience. Many artists gain …

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