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How to download and use monitoring app CamHi for PC?

The advancements in science and technology have widened the security sphere. There are many devices that capture the footage of places you want to secure using CCTV cameras. You can see the live video of the sitting at a distant location. But there are also various monitoring apps that stream the video directly to your phone. Camhi is one of such useful app for synchronizing your CCTV cameras to your Android phone.

What is Camhi app for?

It is a specially designed application used in video streaming to your phone. The app can also be used efficiently well with other devices such as Mac or Windows PC or tablets. It will help you get a look at everything that is happening in your home. It will work after you save footage on the memory for later view.

What are the distinct features of Camhi?

CamHi is a beneficial app for monitoring your place without any additional fee requirements. It is an excellent choice for you as it is compatible with most of the devices. The following are some of its attractive features to use this app:

  • The app will monitor the camera footage for the whole time
  • You can capture live pictures from the footage using the app
  • You can store the video in a device’s memory to view later
  • The time zone can also be reset according to your geographical location
  • The part covered by the CCTV can be easily managed by you, there is no requirement for any professional technician for it
  • You can download the camhi for pc to use it on your computer 
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How to download Camhi on your Windows or Mac PC?

Before you proceed with the downloading part it will be better to check the requirements:

  • The app will work only with the Wi-Fi connection on the computer
  • You will also need an emulator to install the app like bluestacks or koplayer

If your PC satisfies the above requirements you can easily proceed with the download:

Using Play Store:

  • The emulator is the major requirement for installing the app as it will allow the app to work on your PC
  • Install the emulator into your PC, it is installed and working open it. The emulator will work to look like the Android phone working on your PC. Open the Play Store app there.
  • Login in to your Google account to register with the Play Store and start the download. Search for Camhi and click install.
  • After the app is installed look for the app on the home screen of the emulator. Look up the instructions provided and you are ready to start using the app.

Using APK:

You can also download the APK version of the file and install it with the same procedure without any complexity.

The download for camhi for pc or Mac is available so that you use to monitor the CCTV footages with your ease of access. The app is efficient with an easy interface to use and definitely the best option for cost-free monitoring of your place. 

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