Bluemail for PC: Handle All Your Accounts onto Your PC or Mac With Ease

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Bluemail is the app that brought great ease in the handling of email for its users. This app helps the users manage multiple accounts onto their devices conveniently. With its vast customization possibilities, a user-friendly design and other great features, Bluemail for PC can now be easily used onto your PC or Mac as well. In this article, we will discuss the features which make this app a hot favorite among the users and also the method of downloading and using the app onto your desktop.

Features of the Bluemail for PC & Mac app

The following features have resulted in the immense popularity of this app

  • The cluster feature– Bluemail for PC stacks together groups, people, as well as service in a way that makes your inbox organized and free of any untidiness. This feature gives your inbox a content-based look.
  • A merged Inbox– With Bluemail for PC, handling your multiple accounts becomes very easy. The merged inbox makes it convenient to deal with the activities of all your accounts. At the same time, push notification services are lightning-fast.
  • Integrated events calendar– The calendar reminders can be totally customized by unifying your calendar. This integrated calendar helps in planning the events from the app itself.
  • Simple setup and dark theme– The setup of the app is easy. All you have to do is sign in to your email. The inbox is presented flawlessly for the user to work upon. The dark theme of the app helps in making the late-night work easier to deal with.
  • Group mail feature- With the group mail feature of Bluemail for PC, you can easily send emails to a bunch of people. This can be done without going through the difficult task of adding each of the members individually.
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Downloading Bluemail onto your PC

For downloading the Bluemail for PC onto your PC or Mac, you would need to take the help of an emulator. Emulators are apps that help the users in converting the android apps to the version which can work on PCs or Macs. One of the emulators which you can use is Bluestacks. Following are the steps by which you can easily set up this app onto your PC-

  • Download the emulator app Bluestacks onto your system. This is the essential first step of the whole process.
  • Install the Bluestacks app onto your computer.
  • The installation process might take some time so you will have to wait for it to get downloaded onto your system.
  • Launch the app on your PC. This can be done by opening the app.
  • For first-time users, it is compulsory to sign in to their ID in order to use the app.
  • On the Bluestacks app type Bluemail in the search tab. 
  • Download the Bluemail apk from the app
  • Install the app and enjoy the vast features of the app onto your system.

Using this app you can download the Bluemail for PC or Mac as the Bluestacks emulator works on both the types of systems.

Upon downloading the app the users get access to the vast possibilities and potentials of easy handling of all their accounts through the Bluemail for PC app. The features of this app are perfect for the professional handling of all your accounts.   

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