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Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

Android systems have entirely changed the face of the mobile industry since their introduction. The operating system is among the most popular ones in the present times, and it is because of the reason that it offers a wide variety of choices to the people. No matter what your budget is or what specs you want, these android phones are available in all the ranges. It is for this reason that all of a sudden, there is a sudden increase in the number of Android apps in the market. However, not all android apps get noticed easily, and it becomes difficult to win the hearts of Android users. Here are some of the top picks regarding some of the most popular Android apps of all times which relate to different categories-

  • WhatsApp a revolution came in the tech world with the introduction of this messenger. Before WhatsApp, blackberry and messaging were the only options available for the people to connect and clearly, these methods were quite rigid and unreliable. However, with the introduction of WhatsApp, the android users can connect and the rest of the world without any hassles. The app uses your mobile number of sign in and once you have signed in, you can connect with people in your phonebook who have also downloaded the app. 
  • YouTube this revolutionary app allowed its users to watch unlimited videos and movies right on your device without any problem. Use your google account to sign in the app, and you are good to go. The app is free of cost and works on the data connection.
  • Uber having a cab service on the go is the primal requirement of most people amidst the busy lifestyle. This free app allows you to make the most of your time by ordering the cab on the go. 
  • Google mapsthis app has allowed the users to find a way out using the app. Just use GPS to track your location, and you shall be able to guide yourself in any situation. Moreover, the app also displays a list of nearby restaurants, pubs, cafeteria, shopping centers and other places of business. 
  • Amazon yet another free app, this amazingly designed app for shopping and buying products online. The app has a user-friendly interface and is free to use. You shall not have to pay anything except for the price of the product and delivery charges.
  • Instagramthis one of a kind social networking app allows you to post and share pictures and videos with your friends. The app is extremely popular among people of all ages these days.
  • Share itfile transfer has always been a concern for people, but this app makes it simpler and easier. With this app, you can transfer files of different extensions on your device easily.
  • Facebook messenger Facebook messenger serves as a great way to connect with people who are available on Facebook. You can chat, share and receive files directly on your phone.
  • Subway surfers this epic gaming app is highly enjoyed by people as it contains simple gameplay and attractive props.  
  • Twitterthis app has expanded its fan base and is used by people to share their opinions on different situations and scenarios. 

Thus, with the help of these free apps, you can stay connected with the rest of the world.

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