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Android Apps That Every One Is Using in 2019

I love android.

And I am sure, you do so.

But usages of Android Apps is different to everyone. It depends upon the personality, work-styles, types of daily tasks the phone owner does and the necessities.

Still, there are some common android apps that we everybody loves to use.

In today’s post, I will cover pretty much all those apps that every one use in 2019 and I believe, people will keep using them always.

So, here is the list of apps for every one!

  • Google Drive – To store all the files you use every day and auto-sync your photos taken by your camera with Google Photos.
  • Gmail – Go to email service we everybody uses.
  • Instagram – Image filtering and sharing app that connects with other people ass well.
  • Facebook Messenger – Go-to messaging platforms.
  • Google Maps – No matter where you go, navigation with the road is super easy these days with Google maps.
  • Photos – Store your photos in Google Photos and delete them from your Android Phone to free up spaces.
  • Google Play Store – Find the apps you need to run you days, nights in works comfortably.
  • Skype – talk with anybody from anywhere for free!
  • Twitter – Microblogging platform to share resources and daily updates about the company and yourself.
  • Whatsapp – Messaging platform.
  • Uber – Ride sharing platform to book Cab or any favorite car you would like to ride.
  • CM Lite – To clean up the phone and free up storage from junk files.
  • Open Camera – Better camera than the default phones.
  • Last Pass – If you have lots of sites you need to log in every day, remembering password is the pain in the ass. Lass pass will save you all the time when remembering the world’s toughest passcode you usually love to use.
  • Facebook Pages– Everybody has a facebook page these days. Manage them from your phone.

The apps usages is hugely depended upon individual needs but here are the apps I personally use most of the time and I see my friends are also using the same (most of the time).

What other apps you are using?

Comment below! 🙂

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