Best RGB LED Strip for PC Case Lighting – 2020 Reviews

Best RGB Stripes For PC
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If you are building a gaming PC or you are computer enthusiasts who want to bring something new to his computer, then RGB strips are the way to go. RGB strips brighten up the PC and give it a new look. Moreover, RGB strips give an ambiance of real gaming. So if you want to install/add RGB strips on your computer, then read this article thoroughly. We have covered all the details about RGB strips for PC.

5 Best RGB strips for PC

There are various types of RGB strips available in the market. Our experts have picked 5 best RGB strips for your consideration. Let’s take a look at them!

Airgoo 4Pin RGB LED Strip Lights

This RGB strip is compatible with various 4 Pin RGB Led strip header motherboards, and you will have full control of the light movement. You can use different sync software to control this RGB strip-like ASUS RGB Sync and MSI Mystic. Moreover, you can use Airgoo Magnetic strip light kits with it.

Main Features

  • 4 pieces of LED strips
  • PU Tube LED lights
  • 1-meter total length
  • Support various sync software

Phanteks Multi-Color LED Strips

If you are looking for a long length, RGB LED strip then consider buying Phanteks Multi-Color LED Strips. It is a 2m long RGB strip, which gives you enough to cover your entire computer case if you like. It has cut lines between the lights so you can easily cut the strip if you require a shorter length. For variety, this strip has 10 lighting options.

Main Features

  • 2m length
  • 10 lighting options
  • 5.9-inch width
  • Double-sided
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NZXT Hue 2 LED Strips

This RGB strip is very popular for its customizability. It comes with dynamic lighting with 10 RGB LEDs and you can individually control the lights. You can choose different lighting modes for your PC, so you will have full control of how you want the overall lighting to be.

Main features

  • 10 LEDs per strip
  • Cam-powered LED light
  • 258mm width
  • Quick response time

Aiyide RGB LED Strip Lights

This is an excellent RGB LED strip, and you can control the lighting with remote control. It comes with a 17 key RF remote, and with it, you can control the multi-color feature of the RGB lights. So, you can easily create a very colorful atmosphere around your PC.

Main features

  • 17 key RF remote
  • 11.8-inch LED strip
  • 4 pin Molex connector
  • Individual LED light control

Airgoo Computer Magnetic Strip Lights

This is a high-quality RGB strip and very popular for its well-roundedness. This strip supports two-way controls. You can change the light’s mode via motherboard software or controller. This trip is very easy to install, and it is dimmable. Moreover, you can control the speed of color transition.

Main features

  • 2-way control system
  • Dimmable feature
  • 5 level speed adjusters
  • 335m length

How to Choose the Best RGB Strips for Computer

Our buying guide about the best RGB strips consists of a few factors that you should consider so that you end up buying the appropriate RGB strips for your computer.

  • Length

The first thing you need to consider while buying the RGB strip is the length. RGB strips are available in different lengths such as 1M, 2M, or 400MM. 2 M lengths are preferred by most PC enthusiastic as this length is enough to cover a PC case. But if you require more lights, then you always have the option to buy a long strip.

  • Color Options
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The general colors for RGB led strips are just red, green, and blue. But there are some LED strips available with shades in between those colors. Therefore, it is very common to have LED strips with 10 color options or even 12 color options. So if you want more color options, then buy LED strips with 10 or 12 color options.

  • Running Time

The running time of the light is also a very important factor. Most of the strips have Led lights that can run 10,000 hours straight. You can consider it as a benchmark when choosing LED strip lights. It is wiser to buy a strip that has more hours of running lights.

  • Adjustability

The adjustability of an RGB strip is the ability to dim or multi-color changing modes. Not all the RGB strips can be dimmed, so if you want to have this feature on your computer, then you have to buy a trip that has this feature. The same goes for the multi-color changing modes.

  • Width

The width of the strip determines how “full” the lights will look. So you should consider the width of the strip lights while buying them. The benchmark for the width of LED strip lights is around 250 mm. But it is totally up to you if you want to buy a strip that’s either wider than 250 mm or less.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article helps you pick the best RGB LED strip for your computer. If you follow our buying guidelines, then you will have nothing to worry about. Feel free to ask any questions. Our experts will get to you soon!

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