Top 10 Productivity Android Apps For 2020

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Smartphones are so useful. It is like the world is at the tip of your finger, one-click can connect you to your loved ones or get you your favorite food or clothes. But there is one part, which people generally do not talk amidst the social media era. The productivity apps. Although some people are pretty up to date with the productivity apps, there are many who are unknown to these useful apps.

If you are one of them who has no idea what productivity apps are then do not worry, we are going to help.

Rate: 4.8

Downloads: 500,000+

The Productivity Challenge Time helps you to work harder. It helps you to be productive, focused and waste lesser time. This app helps you to keep your work lifestyle on a check. 

If you want to make yourself more disciplined then this is your app. The app motivates you and is pretty straightforward when it comes to work or studies. Not just that, this app is great for any kind of productivity.

The app has a minimalistic design with a great user interface and is very effective.

Rate: 4.8

Downloads: 100,000+

The app has many features like time tracking and organizing your tasks. You can check the amount of time you spend on a task or tasks, your productive days, all your activities and detailed reports. One important feature of this app is that you can get an overview of how you are spending your time checking the intuitive statistics.

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The app is very useful and easy to use since it is very user-friendly. It is also very simple and straightforward.

Rate: 4.5

Downloads: 10,000,000+

This app’s main feature is to keep away from using your phone. We know it sounds weird how an app can help you to use your phone less, however, the app is very effective. The app has this thing, where you sow a seed and it slowly grows into a plant but if you cannot control yourself and end up using your phone, leaving the app then the tree you planted will start wilting.

The app encourages you with its sense of responsibility of growing a plant and the achievement of seeing it fully grown.

Rate: 4.2

Downloads: 100,000,000+

The apps help you to get organized, sync anywhere, share your ideas. Besides all that Evernote is very efficient in your daily life as well as work life. 

This app is very good if you want to keep yourself organized. It is also the best note app and is very easy to use.

Rate: 4.5

Downloads: 10,000,000+

A must-have app. As the name suggests the main features of this app are the planner, reminder, and calendar. The apps keep you on track with all your important projects.

If you are someone who is running with lots of meetings and tasks then this is defiantly your app. The app will keep you organized with all your meetings and tasks and remind you of the important things when it requires.

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Rate: 3.7

Downloads: 100,000+

This a newly launched app and people are already loving it. The app’s main characteristics are its simplicity, customization, statistics, notifications, the management and the premium features such as users can add an unlimited amount of tasks and habits, a much-improved reminder for user’s to-do list and a very motivating stats for each task.

Rate: 4.7

Downloads: 1,000,000+

The app helps you to keep your tasks organized, classifies your projects and tasks, organizes your to-do list with its list maker, tags and folders. The apps make notes and checklists, prioritizes your goals and thus helps you to focus on them and it also helps in improving the concentration level.

Honestly, it is a great app, a great widget and very easy to use.

Rate: 4.5

Downloads: 1,000,000

The key features of this app are the daily planner, the task manager and the to-do list for any work. The to-do list allows you to make a bill planner and shopping list, set reminders and take notes. 

The app is very useful and has a minimalistic design, nothing too complicated and has great features.

It is also very user-friendly and convenient.

Rate: 4.6

Downloads: 1000+

The app is recently on the rise. The apps basically focus on your productive results, its make sure the user wastes less time by reducing distraction and helping the users complete their tasks faster. The app works in a very different way. It is more like a game where you have to answer questions then take control of your lost times. It helps you to take one step at a time towards improvement and keeps a track of your priorities.

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Another app on the rise. This app helps you to quickly add your tasks wherever you are, add more details, create subtasks, you can view the tasks that are created from the emails and overall helps you to stay on track with all your notifications and due dates. 

The app has a very good user interface, minimalistic design and easy to use. It keeps you organized and always on track.

These are your top 10 options for productivity apps. If you are struggling with managing your tasks, forgetting about your projects then you should not waste much time, go through them, try them out, pick one favorite and start being productive.

These apps are good investments so do not think twice. You may have a tough time in the beginning with adjusting with the life the chosen app will set for you but you will get habituated with it and soon you will be flourishing and will have an organized schedule. 

We are wishing you all the best.

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