Best Operating Systems for Gaming | Review and Comparison of Top OS

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An operating system is the core set of software that manages computer hardware, software, resources, and provides common services for computer programs.In fact, the operating system kept everything together and communicates with other devices so that the computer operates smoothly. If you are a PC gamer, then the Operating System is a very important aspect that you should consider while playing games. Because a slow operating system can cause the constant lagging and it will make you very annoyed. Therefore, our team of experts reviewed all the available operating systems and picked 5 best operating systems for gaming. Let’s take a look at them!

5 Best Operating Systems for Gaming

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Linux OS
  • Mac OS

Windows 10

Best Operating Systems for Gaming | Review and Comparison of Top OS 1
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There is no doubt about the fact that Microsoft Windows is the most widely used OS among computer users. The latest version, Windows 10, is specially designed and optimized for gaming, with features like DirectX 12, Game Mode, and DVR. Windows 10 offers a wide variety of improvements from the Windows 8 version, and all the improvement makes Windows 10 more streamlined and efficient version of the famous Windows OS. Since the release of Windows 10, continuous driver updates have made Windows 10 a smooth-running operation for gaming. There is no other OS available that offers seamless support for DirectX 12,as Windows 10 does. If you are thinking about compatibility, Windows 10 is way ahead of other OS. This OS supports all the latest games and gives the opportunity to play them at the highest settings. Apart from that, Windows 10 has access to all online game repositories that are out there.

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  • Stable and user-friendly
  • Top-quality performance
  • Future proof compatibility
  • Multiple online games support


  • Security issues
  • Doesn’t support old games

Windows 8

Best Operating Systems for Gaming | Review and Comparison of Top OS 2
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Windows 8 OS offers very close levels of performanceand had superior compatibility with most games when Windows 10 first released. However, with times Windows 8 failed to have widespread adaption like Windows 10. Although Windows 8 still offers excellent gaming performance. Windows 8 provides high frame rates for most games, as long as your computer has high configured hardware. For the current games, you will get the best gaming experience with Windows 8, but for the latest games,this may no longer be the case.Windows 8 lacks DirectX 12 support that means the latest and futures games may not be playable on Windows 8. Windows 8 doesn’t have any driver issues because all drivers have updated software that ensureshardware works perfectly while playing the game.



  • Windows 8 isn’t future proof
  • Require additional software for DOS-based games

Windows 7

Best Operating Systems for Gaming | Review and Comparison of Top OS 3
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Windows 7 was the new version of the operating system after Vista OS, and it had lots of issues. But over time, it has become a stable OS, and you can expect an amazing gaming experience with this OS. Windows 7 still offers a lot of games, but the number is not in the range of Windows 8 and Windows 10. Windows 7 has the oldest drivers and software, so the performance will not match the other two Windows OS. However, that doesn’t mean Windows 7 is totally outdated; it can run games to a good level and supports a lot of games. Moreover, Windows 7 is compatible with the vast majority of games and hardware.But don’t expect to run cutting edge new games with Windows 7.

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  • Supports a large number of games
  • Relatively stable operating system


  • Doesn’t support latest games
  • New games phased out for Windows 7

Linux OS

Best Operating Systems for Gaming | Review and Comparison of Top OS 4
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Linux is an open-source operating system,and this operating system is popular among computer users because of its excellent security features. Now for gaming, the performance of the Linux operating system is significantly lower than the Windows-based operating system. If you compare with the Windows OS, Linux runs games up to 40% slower. The reason is;drivers of Linux OS are not optimized like the Windows OS. Moreover, compatibility is a very big issue for Linux OS. Linux doesn’t support many games, so you have to use middleman software to play the games. So it means, Linux doesn’t offeran easy route into gaming compared to Windows 10, 8, and 7.


  • Linux is best for Security and stability
  • Linux is open-source OS and has lots of free software


  • Lack of compatibility withhardware and software
  • Supports very few numbers of games
  • Poor gaming performance

Mac OS

Best Operating Systems for Gaming | Review and Comparison of Top OS 5
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Mac OS is not very popular for its gaming but for a virus-free and secure operating system. Most of the games on the market are generally developed for the Windows OS,so you will find very few amounts of games compatible with the Mac operating system. So if you want to play games on Mac OS, then you have to port over games from the original Windows version. This type of game is not optimized properly, so you will get performance levels of up to ⅔ the frame rate of Windows PC games. Mac OS requires totally different hardware, so it’s almost impossible to run a PC game on the Mac OS.

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  • Mac OSis easier to use
  • Mac OS has less virus issue


  • Mac OS has worse gaming performance
  • Mac OS supports very few numbers of games

Final Thoughts

If you consider the performance, compatibility, and number of games supports, Windows 10 is the best operating system for gaming. Windows 10 definitely offers the best gaming option among all the OS, and if you are moving towards PC gaming, then Windows 10 is the best OS to provide you the ultimate gaming experience.

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