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best Modern Computer Desk
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If you are setting up your office or decorating your roam or organizing your work area, then an elegant computer desk can improve your work efficiency as well as provides excellent support for the computer and related accessories like the keyboard, mouse, cables, etc.So if you are in the market to buy a computer desk, the number of desks available in the market can make you confused. Therefore, our experts have picked 10 best modern computer desks to help you narrow down your options.The list is made based on desk size, construction material, design, portability, comfortability so that you end up buying the best modern computer desk.

Top 10 Modern Computer Desk (Best Picks)

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Modern Computer Desk
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My Top Pick of the Best Modern Computer Desk of 2020

1. Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk

If you are looking for a gaming computer desk that is also small in size then this is the best option for you. The Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk may not have a classic design but it is great at fitting into tight spaces and comes with a ton of extra features.This desk is specially designed for gaming purposes so it can hold all your gaming gears. This desk has sleek charcoal colored carbon fiber laminated top and there is ample space available for the monitor, PC, laptop, games, speakers, etc.

This desk includes a charging stand so you can charge your tablet, smartphone, and other gadgets in a convenient way. Some of the other key features of this desk are speaker stands, game storage, under-desk basket, controller stand, built-in wire-management, rear power strip holder, cup holder, headphone/VR headset hook, and many more. There is an elevated shelf available that can support up to a 27-inch monitor and if you remove the shelf then it can hold up to 32-inch monitor. This desk will add a touch of sleek sophistication to any home office, dorm room, or bedroom.

Key Features

  • Sleek design & small in size
  • Charcoal colored carbon fiber laminated top
  • Charging stand & speaker stands
  • Under-desk basket
  • Built-in wire-management

2. Furinno Go Green Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk

Furinno Go Green is a small size computer desk that combines fashion and elegance and makes it perfect for small apartments and dorms. If you need an occasional computer area then this is the right option for you. You can use this table as a computer desk but it is also suitable for an entryway, bedroom, dining room, or anywhere else.This desk has enough space for plunking down a laptop or setting up the PC for a work session.This is environmentally friendly furniture as it is made out of recycled rubber trees.

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This computer desk comes with non-woven bin drawers for storage of small items so you can keep all your gadgets in an organized way. Though this desk is made from composite wood, there is no foul smell in this table. It is highly durable, strong and the tabletop can hold up to 20 pounds weight. The only problem with this desk is; it requires assembling. There is an instruction guide available with this desk to help you assemble the desk right away.

Key Features

  • Simple, stylish design
  • Functional and suitable for any room
  • 2 non-woven bin drawers
  • Environment-friendly furniture

3. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

This is an excellent computer desk and very popular among computer users not only for the elegant design but also for durability. This desk has space for working with computers and putting documents. So you can easily use this computer desk for office purposes. This computer desk is lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble.So you can easily shift the table when necessary and it can provide a surprisingly large amount of working area.The unique design of this desk can support different computer so you don’t have to worry about the safety and convenient use of your computer.

This computer desk is made of durable and user-friendly materials so it will last a longer period of time. It has a 3-piece design for extra functionality and convenience.Therefore, you can easily take off the parts when required and easily assemble them. The steel frame has a powder-coated finish so you will get the gorgeousness and durability at the same time. There is an instruction manual included with the package so you can easily assemble this desk in minutes.

Key Features

  • 3-piece design
  • Tempered glass tabletop
  • Powder-coated finish on a steel frame
  • The beveled edges increase safety

4. Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk

If you are looking for a modern design wall mounted floating computer desk then consider buying this desk. This is a very well-made desk and it is available at an affordable price. This desk is available in various colors so you can choose your favorite one from the available option. This desk will save up your precious floor space and will add a touch of style to your room at the same time. You can mount this table at any height with the help of Prepac metal hanging rail system which is very convenient.

This unique desk has side compartments with two removable shelves. You can use the removal shelves to keep items like the speakers, electronic devices, books, photographs, and other personal items. It also has cable and wire management featuresso you can easily keep your table organized. There is also a top-shelf available on this desk where you can keep books, table watch, etc. This wall-mounted floating computer desk has soft-touch laminated wood finishing which makes it very stylish.

Key Features

  • Secure wall-mounted system
  • Side compartments & two removable shelves
  • Cable and wire management feature
  • Premium soft-touch laminated wood finishing

5. Origami Foldable Computer Desk

The Origami Foldable Computer Desk is a lightweight computer desk but it’s very sturdy and can handle heavy objects without any issues. This desk weighs only 38 pounds but according to the manufacturer it can hold up to 100 pounds weight. It is a foldable desk and you can open and fold this table in less than 60 seconds which is very convenient. The best part of this desk is; it has a removal tabletop so you can easily shift the desk when required. 

This desk requires assembling but it doesn’t require a special tool or experience to assemble this desk. There is an instruction manual included with the desk, just follow the instruction and you are good to use the desk. There is a locking mechanism available to secure the desk surface in place. As this desk is foldable you can save a lot of space in your room. You can use this desk for office work, work station, gaming zone, and many more. This desk is durable enough to use for all types of works.

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Key Features

  • Lightweight only weighs 38 pounds
  • Can sustain weight up to 100 pounds
  • Removal tabletop for easy shifting
  • Locking mechanismto secure the desk surface

6. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go No Tools Student Desk

If you are looking for a computer desk that is easy to assemble and don’t waste time to assemble a desk then this is the appropriate computer desk for you. This desk has modern design and style so it will match most interior decors and you can use it in the home, office, study room, dorm, and other places.Moreover, this desk has an affordable price and in this price range, it is one of the best computer desks that you can buy. Moreover, this desk has a nice space-saving dimension to maximize space.

In this desk, you can easily keep your books, accessories, and other gadgets along with your computer. It means you will be able to handle the computer, keyboard, and other accessories without undermining the movement which is very convenient. This desk has stainless steel tubes and they provide strong andgood support as well as durability. This is no doubt a very economical, reliable, and durable desk for your computer.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel tubes
  • Modern design and style
  • Space-saving dimension
  • Affordable Price

7. Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk

Sauder is a renowned company and they have the reputation of producing high quality best computer desk. The Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk is not an exception and it is great for students and office use. This desk has Cinnamon Cherry Finish so it looks amazing in different settings. Moreover, the Cinnamon Cherry Finishbrings out a modern look from the desk so you can use it with any modern decoration. The surface of this desk is extra smooth but still, it provides excellent support for your computer.

This modern computer desk has a shelf for placing a printer and monitor which is very convenient. Some other key features of this computer desk are dedicated point for vertically storing a CPU tower, a slide-out tray for placing the keyboard and mouse, safety stops, etc. There is also additional storage available behind the lower door where you can store your books, accessories, gadgets, etc. If you are looking for a stylish computer table at an affordable price then buy this computer desk.

Key Features

  • Elevated monitor/printer shelf
  • Slide-out keyboard/mouse shelf
  • Dedicated storage for vertical CPU tower
  • Cinnamon Cherry finish

8. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk

This is a very stylish modern look l-shaped computer desk and it comes with a free CPU stand. This stylish computer desk is made from an E1 class environment protection particle board and thicker steel for excellent durability. This desk has M-style buckle design so it will take very little time to assemble the desk. The L-shaped corner design ensures wide space for your computer and there will be plenty of surface space available for writing, computer work, and other home office activities.

This desk has a steel frame and rugged and reliable mechanical design so you can expect excellent stability from this desk. In regards to versatility and usability, this is the best desk that you can buy in this price range. This desk has 66 inches long so it will support almost all the computers from the market. According to the manufacturer, this relatively lightweight computer desk will handle up to 450 pounds.There is also a footrest available on this desk that you generally don’t see on a computer desk. So you can easily take rest when you are tired.

Key Features

  • Creative bevel angle design
  • M-Style buckle design
  • Humanized footrest design
  • Free CPU stand

9. Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

If you want to increase the functionality in your office or home then the Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation is what you need. This desk is very popular among computer users thanks to its unique design and features. This desk has an excellent dimension so it can hold most computers without wasting space or congesting the space. So if you are seeking optimum efficiency then it is very important. This desk has a cherry finish with black accents so it looks amazing in different settings.

This workstation has smooth gliding casters so you can easily shift this desk without much hassle. Moreover, the lightweight material and construction also play a role in the mobility of this desk.This desk comes with clear tempered glass with a black border for safety so you don’t have to worry about your computer and other accessories falling down from the desk. It also has a pull-out keyboard tray with room for a mouse which is very convenient.

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Key Features

  • Cherry finish with black accents
  • Clear tempered glass with black border for safety
  • Chrome cylinder glass supports
  • Pull-out tray for keyboard and mouse
  • Castors for easy mobility

10. Flash Furniture Clifton Black Computer Desk

This computer desk has a contemporary design so it goes well with many modern decors whether it is in the office or in the home. Our experts have analyzed the user reviews of this desk and according to those reviews; it is one of the most space-efficient desks and best for small spaces. This desk is best used in studios, small apartments, small office spaces, and other places. It comes with a raised shelf so you can have your monitor above your work area or keep your tablet in view while working on your laptop.

This desk is very easy to assemble and a majority of users gave the desk thumbs up for its easy maintenance. You can easily clean this desk with a damp cloth which is very convenient. Moreover, this computer desk is resistant to smudges, fingerprints, and staining. This is a lightweight desk but it can handle computers and other items reasonably well. There is silverPowder Coating available on the frame of this desk so there is nothing to worry about losing its elegance any time soon.

Key Features

  • Space-efficient design
  • Compact black laminate desk
  • Contemporary style perforated frame
  • silver Powder Coating on the frame

What to Consider while Buying a Modern Computer Desk

Along with the computer, the computer desk also becomes an integral part of our lives. Computer desks are available in various designs and are manufactured from several materials. So there are a few things that you have to take into consideration while buying a computer desk. Let’s check them out.


Computer desks are available in different sizes. So it is always best to buy a desk that meets your needs as well as gets by with your workstation. So measure your monitor/desktop, measure how much space you require working freely, and what purpose you require the desk. This way you will get an idea about the size of the computer desk.


The manufacturer builds computer desks in different shapes to satisfy the different needs of customers.The rectangular desks are very common in the market but there are other shapes available like thecorner desks, workstation desks, etc. There are also hutch desks, wall-mounted desks, and they are also gaining popularity in the recent days.Again, what type of shape is right for you to depend on the size and shape of the room. Like, if you are planning to set the table in the corner of the room then it is best for you to purchase an L shaped corner desk.


This is avery important criterion to keep a watch-on before purchasing a desk because the materials of the computer desk directly affect the price, weight,appearance, and durability of it. Computer desks made of metal and particle boards are cheap compared to the tables made of premium wood. Though, many users opt for the wooden tables to please the visual appearance and the purpose.For example, a cheap lightweight desk can serve the purpose of a student while a sleek wooden desk with a glass top would be a perfect choice for a professional.


A computer desk can serve the purpose best if it has a user-friendly design. Make sure you pick a modern computer table that has a pull-out keyboard tray, elevated shelves, and height adjustments. These features will save a lot of space on your desk so you can work and move freely.

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Final Thoughts

Many people complain about their computer desk and they don’t get the best from the computer desk.So we have tried to be really specific and only focus on computer desks that are used and reviewed by at least fifteen hundred people. So you can put your trust on our list of best modern computer desk and buy a desk that best suits your needs!

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