Top 50 IOS Applications of 2020 You Must Use

iOS Applications List
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Top Educational Applications of iOS

1.  Memrise (free)

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Memrise app is the best application if you’re looking to learn a language. This app supports more than 100 different languages. It also featuring fun games and even memes to help you remember a word. a really nice feature of it. You’ll be able to converse with others within a short period of time.

2. Google Classroom

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Are you using Google Classroom in school? Then get the iOS app to use Classroom on the go. This Classroom helps teachers time, keep organized classes, and improve the communication skills of the students. It is a free productivity tool including Gmail, drive, and docs. To help teachers creating, collecting, and grading assignments paperless, including saving time is also a great feature like the ability to automatically make a copy of a Google Document for each student the whole classroom is designed.

3. MyScript Calculator – free

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It is a wonderful app for students, engineers, or any professionals who depend on scribbling down math’s formulas. Apps make it easy to punch in simple equations while calculating. MyScript Calculator lets user easily draw any math’s equations with their fingers and it will convert one’s scribbles into digital text and give you an answer at the same time

4.PeakFinder Earth (£2.99)

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PeakFinder is an outstanding app which allows you to explore more than 250,000 peaks in the world, from tiny hills to Mount Everest. It renders the mountains from your location in real time so you can see their elevation and more. In the app, you can also explore the world’s mountains virtually by navigating to their location.

5. iTranslate (free)

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To communicate with foreign speakers, this app allows you to type or speak phrases you want to be translated. A new update of the app has just released by the company with an awesome iOS keyboard extension. The iTranslate keyboard can be used in any app in iOS to translate in real time. User can write in English and have a text conversation with someone who is writing in other language and both their conversation will be translated in real time.

6.Microsoft Translator (free)

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The translating tools which have been really developing by Microsoft. Microsoft Translator helps you to translate text or speech quickly, having 2-way conversations. When you travel abroad it allows download languages to use offline too.

7. Google Calendar (free)

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Google has introduced its Calendar app to the iPhone at last. The official Google Calendar app, which featured by modern interface with day, week, and month views.  A new feature named “Schedule” introduced here, which allows to see all instant and upcoming events with photos and show maps to the place you’re going to. It also automatically adds any reservation (restaurant reservations, hotel bookings, flights, concerts,). no matter which calendar server that event is on, the user can use one app to track all their events because it works with iCloud and Exchange calendars.

Top Weather forcast Applications of iOS

7. Movesum (free)

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It is a unique app to take one step ahead of trackers. It shows you how many steps you need to take to burn off different kinds of foods.

9. Authentic Weather (£0.69)

This perhaps is the best weather app ever. A greeting with weather updates appears

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after launching the app and you’re like this  Taking pictures with the current weather text applied over them also included in it.

Top Accounting Applications of iOS

10. Spendee (free)

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Download Spendee to get your finances in order. This app is now available for free. It allows you to get a faster overview of all your finances in a snap, including the ability to set budget to track your spending. Your preferences are easily editable categories to reflect, and the ability to work with multiple currencies-great for traveling.

11. TransferWise Money Transfer (free)

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The official product of the Skype founders “TransferWise” finally released an iPhone app and allows users to send foreign remittance to others without paying exorbitant international fees to banks. As an example, I want to send £2000 to someone in England. Bank would take as much as 3% to 5% of that money in international transfer fees. But using TransferWise u can send the whole money without giving that extra money because it matches your funds transfer with other TransferWise transfers going in the opposite direction. Only 0.5% of yours transferred money will cut as the transferring fees by TransferWise for this.

12. The hotel my Phone (free)

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When you’ve forgotten your phone or that battery dies It allows to “check in” on another friend’s phone. All the calls and messages sent to your number will be forwarded to your friend’s device and you can easily have a pretty cool solution for a common problem.
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13. Plane Finder (£2.99)

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Plane Finder will be for you if want to the specific aircraft and where it currently is on the map know the flight number, the place name, the airport, the airline. You also can zoom out to other countries to see how busy the airspace is. You can get the preference to use Google Maps or Apple Maps depending on your taste. This app not only just one for the aerophiles amongst you but also quite interesting to those not accustomed to plane watching.

14. Pocket Drive + (£2.99)

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If you want to have a portable hard drive in your pocket then put this app on your iPhone and it turns it into a wireless hard drive. Simply drag and drop your files between your PC and iPhone after launching the app and your iPhone shows in your Mac’s Finder or Windows Explorer as an external drive. No sync. The paid version allows you to use all the free space while free version gives you 512MB of space for free and allows you to buy more space as you need it.

15. Pedometer++ (free)

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It is among the first apps to take advantage of the iPhone 5s’ M7 motion coprocessor. Pedometer++ used to tracks the number of steps you take in a day and displays your results on a beautiful bar chart. The app will also display you if you’re on track to hitting your step goal each day, which can be configuring by the users. It wisely knows that sometimes people just want a simple fitness tracking solution.

Top Gaming Applications of iOS

16. Stickman Soccer 2014 (£0.69 with IAP)

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A game which supports third-party game controllers that make it, combined with its 60 FPS, feel like a console game.

17.UEFA EURO 2016 Official App (free)

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This app will help you track all the action from match scores to player stats. Of course, All the latest news, player info, lineups and more as they become available.

18. Duolingo – Free

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Duolingo allows you to track your progress and hit goals as you go along. It acts as a game almost. It allows users to learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. It’s completely free and doesn’t have any ads. This app has been scientifically proven by an independent study to be more effective than a one-semester university course in the same language.

19.Letterboxd (free)

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If you are you a film buff, then you must have wished ever that there will be a social network dedicated just to films. IOS introduced The social network for film lovers named  “Letterboxd”. Tracking all the films you have watched & made lists of those films you want to. Browsing others lists as well as see lists of the top rated films, follow friends, get film news, and post feedback of the movies you’ve watched to give your feedback to the world.

20. Carousel by Dropbox – free

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Carousel is a photo management app that automatically saves and uploads every photo you take with your iPhone at full-resolution instead of being another Instagram clone. The app shows the beautiful timelines with images and lets you share your photos with friends. Dropbox’s move to becoming more than just a standard cloud storage company.

Top Social Networking Applications of iOS

21. Jelly – Free

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It is a new social networking app called Jelly introducing by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone

22. Silent Text 2 – Free

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Nowadays, private, secure, and self-destructing messaging apps seem to be all the rage. With the app user can send a text to anyone with a Silent Circle account (a paid subscription). According to the makers it is “created by globally recognized encryption experts and using modern encryption algorithms, Silent Circle software is open sourced and peer reviewed.” A new feature named “Burn” lets you decide how long your texts can be seen before self-destructing, is the best thing about this app.

23. Wordeo – Free

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After 2013 was full of video-based social media apps, 2014 was surely going to follow suit. Right at kick out, Wordeo has launched, a video messaging app launched by former employees of Apple and the BBC. The real bonus, this one is free.

The app is used to message each other with video clips and it is as quick as Twitter. One can compose and send a message in 30 seconds via Wordeo. Changing fonts, choosing different clips and then changing the accompanying music is a great feature of it. It can be connected to users twitter account too.

24. Viber – Free

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Just like Skype, Viber is also a popular app. It provides you with push notifications as well as regular messaging or calling by syncs your contacts. By connecting to 3G or Wi-Fi, it allows users to send video, photos and messages.

25.Find My Friends
After the release of iOS 7, Find My Friends had an awesome make-over for those that haven’t tried it, it’s free to download and well worth exploring.

26.WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp is one of the best apps for messaging on the iPhone. It’s deal with keeping in touch with groups of friends without spending times allowing you to send text messages, videos, pictures and audio to your friends or family at no cost.

Top Audio/Video Applications of iOS

27. memeTV (free)

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To browse the best television memeTV right on your iPhone. You can remix meme by adding your own text to your own. memeTV works for both still image memes and also GIF memes. The app even allows you to watch the TV show it’s based on memeTV, trim sections of GIFs to get them to your likings. It is also offering integration with Hulu, the iTunes Store, and Instant Video too.

28.Audiobooks from Audible

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Those who don’t have time to read all the books that we want, Audiobooks have grown in popularity among them. It is a fantastic little app which allows one to listen to their books at any moment.


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Those who don’t use Apple TV, Chromecast can be a cheaper alternative for them. If you want to stream content from your iPad to a TV, this app will be extremely useful for you.

30. Netflix

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Netflix is useful to watch your favorite on-demand TV shows and films. But users will, of course, need a Netflix account for using this app.

31. GarageBand

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GarageBand is an app for the serious musician using iphone. However, the interface of GarageBand for iOS is nothing short of a miracle and it makes it easier for those who can hear it all in their heads, but have no training whatsoever, and never felt confident enough to try and lay it down.

32. iPlayer

It is the best free web browser for iOS; with its large context of television programs and radio shows. The iPlayer app enables one to watch any show broadcast in the last seven days on the move.

For all iOS device owners in the UK, the iPlayer app is in stock to download The ability to cache shows for 30 days which added in version 2  and will make it a vital component for anybody going on long journeys without reliable connection and also make it fewer data intensive for watching television shows.

Top Browser Applications of iOS

33. Instapaper

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Make no mistake because Instapaper is really amazing and user-friendly. It’s fairly the biggest change that smartphones have made it the way one read and a neatly designed app.

34. Chrome

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For iOS Chrome is well made and a pleasure to use, particularly if you’re deeply entrenched in Google’s ecosystem because it is much faster than other browsers. You can sign into Chrome on both and sync your tabs if you use Chrome on the Mac also.

It includes a voice-search mechanism, for free; and we all know at voice control, how good Google is. Chrome’s tab management is excellent, if currently quite similar to Safari but it uses minimal storage. User can easily create new tabs, rearrange them and move between them in a 3D manager view; unlike in Safari’s equivalent, swiping any tab to the right closes it and can work 10 times faster because the general interface is too strong and user-friendly.

35. Cloak — Incognito Mode for Real Life – free

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It is like the anti social network. To let you know where all your friends, friends, and non-friends are at all times so you never have to run into that special someone.

This app allows you to actively avoid everyone who you don’t really want to follow. It encourages you to “Hate Follow” people, to follow people you hate on location sharing sites just so you can avoid them in real life.


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Dolphin has a hugely impressive range of feature-rich alternative to Safari with awesome gesture support. It supports tabs and it easier to navigate between them. The app allows the user to draw their own custom gestures directly on the screen, and its gesture recognition is accurate.

37. Ghostery

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Ghostery is the browser for those who don’t like advertisers tracking the websites they visited. It is designed with anonymity as its primary aim is not to collects user data, and there are no cookies and no signups also. Ghostery will spot ad trackers and warn you with a red icon.
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38. Opera Coast
Opera Coast’s attitude to data usage is positively profligate by comparing to Opera Mini. But it’s quite slow in introducing the odd fancy animation. It is a highly mobile-optimized, beautiful one-thumb browser costing low MBS.

Top Sports Applications of iOS

39. BBC Sport

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BBC Sports is one of the most used apps in iOS. But when it first launched, it was being criticized by most users for its bugs and lack of ambition. But for the time being the BBC Sport app, but now it is becoming popular among the users for its vital simplicity and ease of use remains. They’ve also introduced a feature called My Sport, which allows us to create a personalized page which will provide the latest scores for the teams we support to.

40. ESPNcricinfo Cricket

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Surely this one’s a bit more alcove than the BBC’s general-sports offering, but when your alcove is the world’s greatest sports battle and service and sport and art; then you’re probably right.

It has the best website-to-free-app translation feature which makes it unique too.  ESPNcricinfo shows the same content and offers that you’d find on its website mostly in a mobile-friendly format.

Top Photo Editing Applications of iOS

41.TriggerTrap – Free

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Triggertrap is an inexpensive solution for the users. Triggertrap transforms your smartphone or tablet into an advanced photography tool by using a simple adapter plug to connect your camera to your mobile device. The trigger has several modes like Timelapse, Distance-lapse, and long-exposure to help the photographer creating images which are compatible with those taken with expensive equipment.

42. Adobe Photoshop Express

It is known as Adobe Photoshop Mobile previously, Photoshop Express for iOS which launched in 2009 first as a cut-down, free version. Adding packs of effects and camera effects which can be purchased from within the app, private online albums for ease of sharing and, of course, iOS 7 optimization; its limited palette of features was expanded with the second and third versions,

43. Dubsmash

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Dubsmash is the perfect app for those who want to have fun by creating voice-overs or miming popular internet videos/sounds. This app a lot of fun and is a nice way to pass-by time with your family and friends. Users just need to login to use the app, but it do free and easy to do so.

44. YouCam Snap (free with IAP)

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This app mechanically de-skews any picture you took with it. YouCam Snap will introduce you to crop out just the slide from the photo and then mechanically de-skews it and saves it as a PDF. Finally you end up with the perfect image of the slide as if you had saved.

45. Flickr

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Flickr is the real fantasy for a photographer who often uploads their photos. For using the app, you’ll need to have a Flickr account. You can do it straight from the app if you have not got one already.

46. Instagram

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Instagram becomes popular for two main reasons, firstly the photo editing and the last is the social side to it. Editing photos is very simple on Instagram. The app will do the whole editing by users choice once you’ve chosen a photo using different effects.

Users can share their photos on your Facebook, Twitter Flickr and Tumblr accounts as well as with Foursquare, which enables tagging option with its location.


  • Save is a fun app and who knows one might just end up as the next Beyond.

48. Photo Sphere Camera (free)

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Spherical photo app for Android by Google finally comes to iOS. Sphere Camera allows you to take 360º photos with your iPhone 4S or above. In that way. In fact, Google has done a great job with the user interface to make it clearly different. It looks like it belongs on the iPhone. You can now upload your 360º photos on Google Maps as soon as you’re done the shooting.


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Pinterest is now one of the best free photo & video apps for the iPhone. The app is well designed and fun to use to pin your favorite interests in one place. You’ll need to sign in using a Pinterest or Facebook account for using this app.

50. Snapchat

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If you want to send a picture to your friends or family quickly then Snapchat will be the best for you having various different functionalities and filters to choose without actually being a stored photo. It sends photos quickly by setting a timer on, once the timer is expired your contacts aren’t able to view it anymore.


If you love any of those app listed in this article, then don’t forget to share it with your friends in different social media websites you use. Cheers!

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