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Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla and it was released on September 23, 2002. Mozilla Firefox is very popular among internet users thanks to its unlimited customization options. There are thousands of free complete browser themes available to download and use them on your Firefox browser. So unlike any other browser, you can transform the entire look of your Firefox browser. So if you are wondering which theme will make your browser stylish then you can consider these 10 impressive Firefox themes. Click on the download link to go directly to the installation page, it’s that simple.

Dark Fox

Dark Fox has 61,087 users and 1,519 reviews. Among these reviews, 1,187 are five starts. So it suggests the popularity and high performance of this theme. In fact, it is one of the most popular Firefox themes developed by Randomaster. This theme is simple, fast installing, and has smooth animation. If you love black color then it should be your first choice. It will ensure less garish blast of screen light when browsing web pages at night.

Matte Black (Red)

More than fifty thousand users use this theme. If you love black color and have to look at a screen for several hours at a time then this is the best Firefox theme for you. It’s a matte black theme with a red accent color. The dark, sleek look of this theme goes easy on the eyes and everything is black in it: menus, new tabs, context; except for the red contrast in the URL field and tabs. This is a very smooth theme and runs quicker than other themes.

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Blue Firefox Theme

This theme has dark to light blue gradient and it suits the user’s eyes. This is a very stylish theme and it will suit you if you love to have gradient color on your web browser. The buttons located at the top of the browser are in an-easy-to-read light blue color and the drop-down menus have a dark blue color. The animations of this theme are smooth so you will have an excellent browsing experience.

Nasa Night Launch

This theme is inspired by the night launch of the STS-116. This is another excellent theme for people who love darker colors. The orange “Firefox” button is available in the top-left drop-down menu of this theme which is great. The functionality of this theme is great and goes easy on the eyes. The contrasts are great and the fonts are easy to read. So if you are a heavy net browser then you will find this theme very pleasant for your eyes.

Simple White

The name of the theme tells everything. It’s a very simple white theme for the Firefox web browser. This theme is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10. This default transparent theme gives the browser an elegant appearance by providing semi-transparent tabs. While using the theme you have to disable “Compatibility Checking” under “Options” so that it would work uninterrupted when Firefox releases new versions.


This Graphite theme offers the user a smooth graphite look in their Firefox browser. There is also gun-metal grey coloring in all drop-down menus so it goes easy on the eyes. The best part of this theme is; it transforms the toolbar icons into smaller icons so they don’t take up as much space. Moreover, the animations of this theme are smooth so the transitions in this theme are quick.

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If you are looking for an awesome power metal band then the ReinXeed theme is worth checking out. The best part of this theme is; you can change the color of this theme whatever color you want. For example, if you choose blue as your default windows color, blue will be visible on your browser. This theme also offers transparent tabs and minimalistic striping in the toolbar which is very convenient.

Pink Theme

If you are a fan of pink color then you will love this theme. The buttons in the toolbar of this browser are pink, including the Start Page, Bookmarks, and Downloads buttons, as well as the back and forward buttons. This theme is gentle on the eyes. The URL field is white as well as the drop-down menus but the texts are pink. This is a simple and fast theme so you will enjoy surfing the internet using this theme.

Lava Foxy

If you love the red default color of Firefox then you will definitely love the red and black color combinations of Lava Foxy theme. This theme offers animated scroll-bars, progress-bars, and a custom toolbar. The drop-down menu has radiant black and red color and the URL field is off-white. The color combination ensures the theme look gentle to your eyes. So if you are a heavy net browser then you will find this theme very pleasant for your eyes.


If you are looking for a colorful theme for your Firefox browser then Avantgarde will be an excellent choice for you. This theme is really fun and you will be impressed by its simplicity, elegance, speed, as well as its compatibility with Firefox persona. This is a lighter theme compared to other themes on our list so it is very fast. You will have a pleasant net browsing experience with this theme.

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Final Thought

Themes are just visually stimulating GUI’s but they can stimulate your work productivity big time if you find a theme that suits your “visual scape.” So try out the above themes until you find one that suits your eyes. If you have any recommendations then leave it in the comment section. 

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