List of Best Fingerprint Scanners for PC in 2020

best fingerprint scanners for pc
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A fingerprint scanner is a device that identifies and confirms the identity of someone using the fingerprint. Nowadays, security is very important, and a fingerprint scanner ensures you have the best security for your computer. Fingerprint Scanners for PC helps you improve your security protocol and makes logging on your device a simple process. Most of the fingerprint scanners are compatible with almost any type of Windows devices, so it is sometimes very difficult to pick a fingerprint scanner for PC. So read our expert reviews of best fingerprint scanners for windows computers in 2020.

7 Best Fingerprint Scanners for PC in 2020

Eikon Mini

Eikon Mini is an affordable and very efficient fingerprint scanner. It is one of the smallest fingerprint scanners available in the market, and it is portable. With this scanner, you can easily improve the security of both your home and work PCs with nothing more than a finger. This scanner is USB 2.0 utilized, so you can use this device on older PCs as well. The only problem with this device is; you will need decent access to a USB port for a computer case, but it will not cause any problem with laptops. The best part of this device is; you won’t have to install anything to make this fingerprint scanner work, just plug and play.

Main Features

  • Super compact & affordable
  • Seamless integration with Windows Hello
  • Attaches directly to the PC

Verifi P5100

This fingerprint scanner offers one-finger-access to all the apps, games, and files of your computer. This device doesn’t even require any additional drivers to install on the computer. Just plugin and it will start working. This scanner connects with the PC via a cable, which is very convenient for desktop computers. This device has premium build quality with a metal body. It is integrated with the Roboform password manager. Though the scanner is a bit pricy, it is super-fast.

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Main Features

  • Roboform password manager
  • Connected by cable
  • Super-fast and premium build


This is a very popular and stylish fingerprint scanner. This device offers support for Windows Hello to get you logged in without entering the password. Moreover, it is integrated with the OmniPass password manager, as well as support for Bio-Key’s own enterprise software. You can connect this device via a cable that is best for the desktop user. It’s perfect for use with a desktop computer, and you don’t need to swipe a finger for your prints to be recognized.

Main Features

  • Comes with OmniPass password manager
  • Connected by cable
  • Super compact and reliable

Kensington VeriMark

Kensington VeriMark fingerprint scanner allows a user to store up to 10 different fingerprints, and it will let you log in to Windows 10 and other software without entering a password. This scanner is super compact, becoming almost imperceptible when connected to a computer. This device is available in two models for single and multiple PC. The size of this fingerprint scanner makes it very portable; in fact, you can attach this scanner to a standard key ring for convenient portability.

Main Features

  • Great value
  • Super compact
  • Reliable
  • Solid build

DDSKY Scanner

This is a budget-friendly fingerprint scanner from DDSKY. This scanner lets you add Windows Hello functionality to your computer, which is very convenient. This device provides the same features, and everything is housed in a compact USB dongle. So this scanner is best for laptops and tabs. However, this device lacks performance compared to some pricy fingerprint scanners. Sometime you may have to scan your finger multiple times to get the result, but with this price range, it is the best fingerprint scanner you will get from the market.

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Main Features

  • Great value
  • Super compact
  • Reliable

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20

This is an excellent fingerprint scanner and works perfectly with no issues. This device can capture the fingerprint successfully in the first attempt, and it is quite easy to use. It has excellent build quality. It is resistant to impact, scratches, vibrations as well as electric shock. So it can handle rough uses and last for a long time. This scanner can automatically detect a finger upon its placement and process the data very fast.

Main Features

  • Automatically detects a finger
  • Optical sensor
  • Automatically rejects a fake finger

Benss USB Fingerprint Reader

This is an excellent fingerprint reader and ensures both speed login experiences and a security guarantee. Moreover, this fingerprint scanner provides quick identification with super-fast unlocking speed. This device provides the best security results for windows computers. You don’t have to remember any extra password, and it is very simple to set up.

Main Features

  • Super-fast and reliable
  • Great value
  • Excellent build quality

Final Thoughts

Security is a very important issue that we can’t ignore anymore. Regardless of which fingerprint scanner you choose from our list, all of them will work well with Windows computer. Don’t hesitate to ask a question regarding the fingerprint scanner for PC. Our team of experts will answer the questions.              

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