Top 10 Daydream Android Apps or VR Apps For 2020

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Virtual Reality offers the best user experience and if you think it is just for playing games, and then it is wrong. That is to say, the VR apps are called as daydream apps which are used for viewing the movies and other Netflix shows. That is to say, you can install the daydream Android apps on your smartphone and connect your VR device to enjoy the video streaming.

The following are the top daydream Android apps for 2020.

Google Cardboard

If you wish to watch the closest of the Arctic Ocean on Google Earth which provides the best VR experience using the app. This is the foremost app that helped a lot to people to enjoy the best of things. Further, it opens up a new app every week for the users for a better experience. Various VR launch favorite apps can be opened easily by this application.

Many users have already installed and getting benefited as it opens up new apps frequently. Various Google services like a tour guide, my videos, exhibit, photosphere, arctic journey, and many other apps are available.

YouTube VR

YouTube, which is the popular social media video streaming platform, can also be enjoyed with the daydream or VR feature. You can enable the cardboard feature on the app to enjoy it with the VR device. They are primarily known as 360-degree videos that offer the best catalog of videos for the users. 

This feature enabled app is used by millions of users across the globe to enjoy its benefits. The music to wildlife videos is available for the users to enjoy the best streaming features. Further, one can enjoy the best benefits offered by the app for its users.

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The VRSE is an app that is available for all the Android users that consist of various virtual realities such as music, videos, documentaries, short films, and comedy with the videos. Further, there are different shows which are compatible to watch using the app like SNL shows and others. Therefore, one can enjoy their best by using this application.

The app is offered with various upgrades that provide the users to enjoy the maximum of VR experience. Therefore, one can enjoy the best video streamlines for enjoying using the app. 


The NYT VR app is the one that offers the news broadcasting of the region exclusively in the form of VR reports. Therefore the real-time incidents are covered and reported to the audience in this VR application that helps in offering the best videos. Other viewers can enjoy everything from the Pluto surface to the ocean deeps across the Earth.


Many places in the world are not yet explored in person. If you are such a seeker, then Orbulus is the best VR application to use for. The real-world places offered for the people offer realistic images and videos of places that are untouched by the human race. 

The images in the gallery are from Google’s photosphere technology that has the best images. Moreover, one can find the best images which are hotspots of the popular destinations to be visited. 

Jaunt VR

This Virtual Reality app is another popular one that provides thousands of entertaining videos and movies which offer the best entertainment to the users. Therefore, if you are bored, then you can wear a VR headset, sit back, and enjoy the top videos offered in the app.

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Further, the 4-star rated app provides the best features like travel destinations, funny videos, and so on for the entertainment purpose of the users.

Incell VR

The Incell VR is a daydream video game that offers the best VR experience to the users. The racing and the action-rich game offers the best experience to the users that help in providing the best results. Further, one can involve in various levels of the game which are interesting to play.

Moreover, the unusual mixture of the real world with fantasy offers the best gaming experience to the players. Also, the intense game has more scientific explanations which make it more interesting. 


It is one of the ghost stories offered by VR technology for thriller lovers. To clarify, if you like to travel in a world where the ghosts will excite you, then you should install this app. The experience is thrice the original amount as the app offers the best gaming experience in VR.

The animation and other CG are offered to the users that provide a scary yet thrilling gaming experience to the players. Therefore one can enjoy the best gaming experience to the users through these apps.


If you are interested to watch the real-time documentaries in Virtual reality, then this is the app you should download and install. Further, they offer the best videos and documentaries of remote places like remote places. Also, the serious natural calamity affected areas like earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, and so on are offered for the audience.

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Also, there are various issues covered by the app developers which are updated often to bring it to the user’s concern. One can watch the documentaries of remote places easily with the application and find it easy for the users to understand better.

Seene android

This is one of the communities or social networking VR application that allows you to share the 360-degree images with the community or your friends. However, you will also be getting posts from various people across the globe that offers the best VR experience. Further, this application provides the best 360-degree viewing experience of traveling places, objects, monuments, and so on. 

Also, you can share the created images with the rest of the world by sharing it with the viewers. There are several features offered like sharing and liking the posts which help to stay connected with fun.

To sum up, these are the top 10 daydream android apps 2020 which you can download and install. Most of the apps mentioned above offer the best VR viewing experience.  

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