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New Year is around the corner and it is time to get the new relationships through dating apps. That is to say, whatever happened in 2019, it is time to leave behind and look forward to the best relationships this year. There are many dating applications available that help you get the best long-lasting relationships. However, it is important to download the top dating apps for better results. So, here are the top 10 dating apps which are available for Android users. You can check their features, install them and get the best relationship this year.


Swipe left, right is the most common word used last year which is by using the Tinder app. This continues to top the list with its best features like getting dates, profile viewing, having a conversation with emojis and so on. Therefore, the app is very useful for the singles that are looking for the best date. 

Around 40 million users have downloaded and installed the app for its exciting features. Further, the 4-star rating is offered for the application which makes it the best one for dating. 


Around 30 million people have signed up to create an account for getting their valuable relationships. However, it helps in getting the dates as well as the platform helps in establishing the connections. Further, there are many features offered like same-gender connections and time limits. 

That is to say, only 24 hours is provided to make a connection and it can be extended for another 24 hours. Therefore, there is no wasting time with a single profile in this app. Further, there are many apps to make new friends, family, and other relationships as well. 

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Facebook dating was initiated in the United States in 2018 and was tested to run in other countries as well. Once the dating profile is set up, the Facebook algorithm matches yours with the preferences, likes, and dislikes. However, it does not allow matching with the known people on the social networking site. 

The best feature is the secret crush which helps you secretly match up to nine friends on Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, this is activated only if you allow the site to and other features help in finding the best match. 


If you are looking for a straight forward dating tool, then this is the best choice. The massive user base on the app helps one to find their relevant date. You can create a profile and lookup for the online dates. Once you get connected with the right person, you can meet them in person.

The ad-free, who is liking me feature, and advanced filters makes it the best dating app. Further, it has a 4-star rating with many million profiles.

The match is the best dating app if you are looking for a serious relationship that has a meaning and takes you to marriage. There are different features offered for the users to create a profile and upload pictures for online winking. The users can get a bunch of profiles to review and choose every day. 

The feature like checking the people who checked your profile are available in the premium subscription. Further, a 2.5 star rated app comes with various add-ons like Android wear and Apple watch integration. 

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It is the world’s first gay dating app that offers dating suggestions exclusively for the community. They can easily connect, chat, and meet up with the date to have a fun and meaningful relationships. The redesigned browser helps in showcasing the profile picture in larger sizes.

Further search filter option is available to connect with the specific region or area people. The 3.5 star rated applications provide the best search results and help the people of this community to connect. 


It is one of the long-time players of dating apps as it is available for many years. This app provides the results of people to date by asking a series of questions once you set up the profile. Further, this helps in knowing about your personality and the person who wishes to date with.

The algorithm provides the data in response to the answers you provided. This 2.5 star rated app offers its users with special features like checking the profile viewers, expanded matching, and so on.


The lesbian and bisexual people can make the best relationships by getting a date from this app. Her app can be signed in using the Facebook or Instagram accounts which provides the best set of dates. The dates can be obtained in your area or from a global scale that depends on the requirement.

Further, this app offers various features like news, articles about LGBTQ issues, and other related posts. 


This app is created as the counterpart to other gay dating apps that offers the best collection of singles. To clarify, this aims to provide the safest dating space to get to know each other and meet in person if they liked well. There are certain guidelines like account verification, confirmed profile pictures, and photo moderation.

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The app has integrated social networking site options like connecting to Facebook or Instagram. In addition, there is an internal connection system that offers friends and dates to choose from. However, the matching profile can be either casual or ready for a more serious committed relationship that can be chosen by the users. 


It is a location-based dating app that offers the matching date suggestions when you cross with similar interests of another person. This creative thinking of the app developers made this a huge hit and there are higher possibilities of connecting with one who is ready for a relationship. Further, this 4-stared rating app offers the best profiles with profile details, mutual likes, and the date and time you cross the person. 

To sum up, these are the top 10 dating Android apps for 2020 you should try and get the best relationship. These apps will help you stay committed to the right person for sure.  

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