Top 10 Android tools & Utility apps that are making their way in 2020

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Tools apps or utility apps are the kinds of apps that increase the versatility of the phone and take it to the next level and increase the functioning of your phone. This genre of android apps is much more diverse providing us with the best tools and utility apps. Let us look at some top tolls and utility apps that helped in the better/advanced functioning of the device.

  • Google assistant– First off, Google is one of the best tools apps on the device, and is a basic and used by almost all the android users. Google assistant app that lets you get things done hands-free way is one of the best features. Having a 4-star rating and over 10 M+ downloads, this apps takes the memory space of about 756 KB. With google assistant, you can search, call, navigate and control your phone. It is a hands-free service that lets the user manage his schedule, get tasks done on a daily basis, enjoy entertainment and much more. Just by calling out “Hey Google” you can tell the task that you want to do and it does it for you. For example, play my latest playlist, call mom, set alarm for 9 a…and so on.
  • Clean master: Antivirus, App Lock, and cleaner app- Clean master one of the most used tools app that stabilizes and improves the functioning of the phone. With a 4.7-star rating and excellent reviews, this app has over 1 Billion+ downloads taking up the memory space of up to 26MB. And can be a much better user experience after some in-app purchases. It provides powerful functions that clean and optimizes the phone, eliminate the virus and cleans junks files. It also has an additional function of protecting your apps with a secure app lock for safe browsing and providing a private gallery.
  • Gas buddy: find free & cheap gas– It’s an app that helps you locate the gas stations that are near you when going on a long trip. Also, you can use it when you want to find the cheapest gas near your area in the city. This app only works in us, Australia and Canada. It has a 4.5-star rating of 10M+ downloads he app takes up the memory space of 18 MB. It has amazing customer service an all the unhappy users are provided support.
  • QR Droid code scanner- A powerful QR scanner and barcode reader that helps the user to create, import and transfer data in an easy fashion. This app has over 50 M+ downloads and users having a 4.3-star rating and amazingly satisfied users given great reviews. You can now easily transfer data by creating codes that can be scanned by others to transfer data. You can scan codes form browser, gallery, camera…etc.
  • Google translate– One of the best and amazing apps that lets you translate any language into your native one. It has more than 103+ languages that can be translated and understood. This app is downloaded by over 500 M+ users and has a 4.5-star rating taking up the memory space depends upon the device and requirement. Having amazing user reviews. This app can translate the texts, documents and even the clear picture from the camera. It can translate up to 58 languages in offline mode. It has camera mode, conversation mode where the conversation between two people can be easily translated.
  •– this app has over 10 M+ downloads with 4.5-star ratings and amazing reviews. More than 24 million people depend on this app to stay organized. It is an award-winning app that can manage all your work and organize it easily from grocery shopping list to meeting reminders, birthdays to trip planning it is one of the best apps that has helped millions of people to stay organized. You can now plan your day in a matter of minutes and optimize your calendar and to-do list.
  • Find my device- It is a google app with over 50 M + downloads and requires memory space of up to 4 MB and a 4.5-star rating. It is an app that lets you locate your android device and lets you lock your android device with the help of it. It is also equipped with indoor apps to find your device inside large buildings, malls or airports. It can erase the device content and lock the device with a single message or command. It plays the sound at the maximum audio even when the mobile is in the silent mode. It is an excellent way to help you when your device is stolen or lost in any place.
  • Reddit- with over 10 K+ downloads and 4.5-star ratings this app is in demand by the users. With this app you can share, discuss and laugh and dig deep into the issues that concern you, or any hot topic where you can place your point of view for people to see. This app is powered by people, having privacy options and communities that upvote and down vote on posts.
  • Adobe Acrobat reader: PDF editor, Viewer & Creator- This app is one of the most useful work in terms of work having more than 500 M+ downloads and a 4.6-star rating and the memory space depends on the device. You can comment, Annotate, view and respond to the activities. Easily and quickly opens pdf files and can zoom scroll and work on it. Sharing the document is quite easy as well. You can customize the list of documents and star mark the ones that are of utmost importance.
  • Calculator- with over 500 M+ downloads and a 4.7-star rating this is one of the most compatible and famous utility apps that provides various mathematical functions and makes calculating a lot easier for the user. It requires the memory space of up to 2.6 MB and has an amazing user experience.
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