Best 20 Movies of All time For Entrepreneurs & Business Learners

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Entrepreneurs – a group of people who usually have to stand in front of massive ups and downs of a life ever. Even when the Business is thoroughly collapsed; they have to think about getting up again and build that from the scratch, again! They have no break, entrepreneurs have no break on their business life. When the business is going smoothly; the whole world would stand beside him/her. But, when the business doesn’t go well; the world usually moves away. In such situations, not everyone can stand on the field like a warrior. Some quit and some of this group never give up. The 2nd portion of this group usually become the successful as their determination and tendency of taking a worst situation to make it even better day by day play the real role.

But, its true that, not every human being of this world have such patience and determination. Most of the people break apart and they never look back to their broken business again and go looking for any traditional job. People actually should take motivation and inspiration from the failures and success. There are hundreds of thousands entrepreneurs around us who once were broke and eventually stood back with the ultimate smile.

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Besides books, here is a list of top 20 very inspiring and motivating movies of all time those are pushing millions of entrepreneurs up on all over the world. Here you go:

  1. The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

    No matter how hard your life can be; there is no scope of failing permanently if you constantly run for betterment. Gabriele Muccino was the director of this movie and has been able to portray astonishingly about how worse the struggles in life can be and how a positive man can conquer the struggling periods in spite of having thousands of obstacles. Will Smith was the one man army here in this movie and he excellently showed us the ups and downs of an entrepreneur’s life. Every entrepreneur should watch this movie to get the hope of light for their life and have faith on them until the success is achieved.

  2. Boiler Room (2000)

    If you want to sell anything to the people who have no idea what to buy and where to buy; then watch Boiler Room and and improve your salesmanship power and capabilities. For any young entrepreneurs who just have started their business will face lots of dilemma about Money and Ethics and Boiler Room is a eye opening movie of this decades.

  3. The Social Network (2010)

    A story of how Facebook has been built up and came so far. You should watch The Social Network to know how world-changing ideas are brainstormed and how any delay of implementation of it cause the problems. Still, the best learning points of this movie are all about thinking outside the box and taking your idea to the next level. You may have to face lots of obstacles on the running, but eventually, the brave one will win.

  4. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

    This movie is all about the duels of Microsoft and the Apple. Most importantly, this movie tells you the story behind of every kind of Tech Ventures of Silicon Valley. You will also get lots of idea about how Bill Gates came up with the Microsoft and the Computers and how Steve Jobs took it to next level of Business.

  5. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

    You must watch this movie to acknowledge how a man with nothing become the most successful entrepreneurs and businessman in any sector. You will also notice the corruption and politics in it and ways the overcome the odds.

  6. Nightcrawlers

    This movie is about a boy who was looking for a job and get nothing. And when eventually he got a job, he found it the most risky job ever in this world. Its about Live Crime Journalism where you may get killed anytime. Anyways, watch this movie to increase your focus and improve yourself continuously on what you are doing day by day, so that you can go further and even beyond your imagination.

  7. Moneyball (2011)

    If you have no money to do business; then what you would do? Quit I guess? Well, there are hundreds of thousands entrepreneurs who started with nothing but built empire of assets eventually. Okay, so how to run your business with little to no investment fund or having nothing in cash? To get to know know the answer; watch Moneyball today. Its such an excitement to watch Brad Pitt’s acting in this movie.

  8. Office space (1999)

    You! Becoming fed up day by day on your desk job? If so, watch this movie to get inspiration of quitting your traditional desk job and get into the real entrepreneur’s world where you will get real taste of your livings and the money.

  9. Rocky

    No matter who you are and where you from; you must have to face the giants on this world to get fame, money and the medal. Just spend your time to build yourself, improve yourself first. Have enough faith and go on the dual war stage to beat your competitors. This movie will teaches you these all.

  10. Catch Me If You Can

    If you need, you may have to be whatever it needs to live in this world. Watch this inspiring movie to understand your possibilities, brilliance and unknown capabilities of becoming whatever you want to. Know what the real businessman can do for their business. Nope…you don’t have to follow the illegal way to do business, but what you will learn from this movie is the mantra of running your business under any kind of stressful periods.

    Besides these 10 Movies, you must watch the following 10 movies to learn entrepreneurships, hurdles, struggles, hustles and continuous striving capabilities to get what you want in your life.

  11. Glengarry Glen Ross
  12. Limitless (2011)
  13. The Aviator
  14. (2001)
  15. Jerry McGuire (1996)
  16. Joy
  17. Baby Boom
  18. Flash of Genius
  19. Cocktail
  20. Wall Street
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If you can finish watching all of these 20 movies on this list; I am sure you will get lots of idea what to face in your entrepreneurial journey and what to do to get rid of those.

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