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Ever seen a really nice video but you couldn’t save it, or you want to show how you download an app, or how you work it but you had no way because you either had an old iPhone or an Android. Well, you can leave those troubles behind, first of all, you can get an iPhone or any other phone that includes screen-recording as a feature. But honestly who’s going to buy a new phone just so they can screen record, sounds a bit absurd if you ask me about it. A better option would is to get an app. There is plenty of apps you can download for your phone, but the real struggle is downloading one for your pc. Well, you can download the AZ screen recorder for PC through a couple of steps, and all your PC screen recording problems are fixed. 

What is this screen recorder and how does it work?

So this is an app for androids that can record anything that happens on your screen. They have a simple yet elegant interface that is easy to use. Four icons will appear on the screen, they are too; start recording, to access the folder with the recordings, to adjust the settings, and lastly to exit. Once you click on the start recording icon the red light in the corner of the screen will start to blink, that’s how you’ll know you are recording. And you can move the dot around anywhere on the screen for your comfort. If you want to pause your recording just tap the red button again and you are all good to go. So as you can see fairly easy to use. And then you can go view whatever you recorded from the folders icon. 

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The pros of it?

Now, this app is great due to many factors that it has. First of all, if you have an android this is the perfect app for you. The quality of the recordings is remarkable, there are no watermarks, which we know that everybody hates, and it just distracts, and moves the attention away from the video itself. Also, there is no time limit, so you can record for as long as you like, especially if you are recording a video game, as those things can take ours. Plus there isn’t any frame loss, so everything will be on video. However, as they say, all good things must come to an end the AZ screen recorder has some issues, like it can only be downloaded for Androids 5.0 or higher, so if you have less you’ll be missing out. And it takes a couple of steps to get it onto your PC too.

How to download it for PC

If you want the AZ screen recorder for PC there are a couple of steps you have to undergo in order to attain the app. So firstly you will have to download the Bluestaks emulator, then install it, once this step is complete you will have to sign in to your Google account or create one if you don’t. Afterward, search for the app on the Play Store, then click on install and wait for it to finish. Then you can record all you want. 

How to Install AZ Screen Recorder on Mac

In order to install the AZ Screen Recorder on your Mac device, you must have an Android Emulator installed on your Mac Device. If you have an Android Emulator installed on your Mac device then follow these easy steps:

  • First, open the Android Emulator from your Mac device
  • Now login to the Google Play Store
  • Search the “AZ Screen Recorder” in the store
  • Now install the app from the store, or
  • If you have AZ Screen Recorder on your Mac device, then drag and drop the APK file into the emulator to install the App  
  • Now open the AZ Screen Recorder app and use it on Mac PC
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