Average Life Expectancy is Expected to Exceed 90 for the First Time Ever by 2030

We all know about the story of the bald eagle breaking their beak and ripping off its feathers to extend its lifespan for 30 years. However, the story attracts quite a number of skeptics casting doubt on the basis of the story. Nevertheless, it is highly motivational.

Another piece of news that’s currently making headlines and can make you optimistic about your future is that humans’ increasing life expectancy. Yes, for the first time ever, humans, in general, now can expect to live longer than 90 years. Life expecting is gradually increasing over the years, but to live for almost a century is quite extraordinary! That is what a group of scientists from Imperial College London reported.

The report found that life expectancy for developed countries, such as Germany, Australia, and Canada is expected to increase by 2030. And, the country providing substantial promise is South Korea. The findings bode well for the countries whose life expectancy is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Here are the findings of the report:

✔Increasing Longevity – a group of researchers from Imperial College London found the life expectancy of human beings will exceed 90 by 2030. The researchers collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) and used 21 different metrics to determine that life expectancy should increase in 35 industrialized countries by 2030.

✔Women will Outlive Men – yes, women will live longer than men across the board. The study examined higher rates of accidents and habits that develop cardiovascular conditions for increasing longevity among women. Women in South Korea will have to invest more in birthday candles as they are projected to live past 90.8 on average. French women can also expect a boost in lifespan. The average for French women may jump from 85.1 to 88.6.

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But, why will women outlive men? Majid Ezzati, a researcher, explained, “Men traditionally had unhealthier lifestyles and so shorter life expectancies. They smoked and drank more, and had more road traffic accidents and homicides. However, as lifestyles become more similar between men and women, so does their longevity.”

✔ What catalyzes the Longevity – the study attributed the boost in life expectancy to socioeconomic developments, improved and proper nutrition among children and adolescents, better education and more access to healthcare. The study also noted a reduced incidence of smoking among women also lifted the life expectancy average.

✔The Other Side of the Coin – researchers projected that people in the US, Greece, Sweden, Macedonia and surprisingly Japan will see the tiniest boost in longevity. The reason is attributed to lifestyle choices and a lack of universal healthcare investment.

Make your Plans accordingly

What does the study mean for the average Joe and Jane?

People who are currently in mid-life may evaluate their pension saving as per life expectancy. They may stretch their saving. Men and women in their 20’s can prioritize their life choices, invest in higher education and establish a long-lasting career. Society, as a whole, also needs to restructure its system to cater to an aging population.

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