How much are Los Angeles Lakers Season Tickets? (Seasonal Price are Given Below)

The luxury of being a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers is one that few people get to experience. To see the team play in person, season tickets are required at the Staples Center where they play. The cost for this season’s tickets is $3,000 per seat.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a part of the NBA for a while! They have a long history that started in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The team moved to Los Angeles in 1960 and has been there ever since. They have won 16 championships during their time in the league which is very impressive. Their current roster is stacked with talent, from one of the best point guards in the league to one of the best centers in the league.

Known for their consistently high level of play, the Lakers are one of the most successful franchises in NBA history. The team has won 16 championships, 33 conference titles, and 23 division titles. The players on the team also have an impressive list of accomplishments with 4 players in the Hall of Fame and 2 players who are 3-time MVPs. With so much success, understandably, season tickets to see the Lakers play would cost a lot.

How much are Los Angeles Lakers season tickets 3

The Los Angeles Lakers are America’s most loved basketball team. The past few years have been rough on the Lakers, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still one of the most popular teams in the world. This year, they seem to be picking up momentum again with some new players signed by the organization. There are also some incredible promotions going on for season ticket holders this year.

Los Angeles Lakers season tickets are one of the most in-demand items in professional sports. A lot of die-hard fans have spent decades waiting for the team to return to their championship form. Now that they have, ticket prices are through the roof!
The Los Angeles Lakers were bad for a long time. The ’80s and ’90s were not kind to them, but when Kobe Bryant came into the league in 1996, everything changed.

For the majority of people, a Lakers season can be a pretty expensive endeavor. For a mezzanine-level ticket in the Great Western Forum, it is going to cost you at least $2,000 for a single ticket. A season ticket package on the concourse is going to cost you around $1400 for a single ticket with all fees and taxes included. In total, there are 66 games this year with an average price of almost $25 per game.

How much are Los Angeles Lakers Season Tickets

How much are Los Angeles Lakers season tickets for a single game

Being a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan is tough, especially if you live in another state or country. Season tickets for the 2016-2017 season range from $1,600-$2,100 per seat. Tickets are much cheaper when purchasing them as a single game because one ticket costs about $125. The seats are much closer to the action because they are all between rows 4 and 15.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a dominant team in the NBA since they acquired LeBron James. With a deep roster featuring Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma, the Lakers are primed for success. However, it is not easy to get a seat for a single game at Staples Center. The cheapest seat costs $20 from StubHub and the face value for an individual ticket is up to $381 according to Ticketmaster’s website.

In Los Angeles, the Lakers are a household name. They have been a part of the city’s culture since 1947. In recent years, the team has been struggling to make it back to the top, but they still have a huge following. For an average season ticket, you can expect to pay around $1200 for a single game.

How much are Los Angeles Lakers Season Tickets

How much are Los Angeles Lakers season tickets for a single game as a gift

Think of the Los Angeles Lakers as a gift. The opportunity to watch Kobe Bryant play basketball in his final season at the Staples Center is a special one that should be shared with someone who loves the sport just as much as you do. Although tickets for single games can get expensive, there are many options to choose from when planning the perfect gift idea for any Lakers fan. In 2016, there are 18 different ticket prices available for each game.

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most storied franchises in all sports. The team has won 16 NBA championships, the second-most in NBA history. The team faces tough competition year in and year out, but they have dealt with it well in the past. The Lakers are currently in last place for their conference, but tickets to see them play aren’t cheap. A season ticket is $2,400 for a single game.

Over the years, many people have given Los Angeles Lakers tickets as a gift. If you are considering giving Los Angeles Lakers tickets for Christmas, this article will help explain some of the pros and cons of purchasing season tickets or single-game tickets.

How much are Los Angeles Lakers season tickets for a birthday

If you are looking for an exciting gift to give your favorite sports fan, Los Angeles Lakers season tickets might be the perfect option. Tickets are purchasable to the public and can be given as a birthday present or any other special occasion. There’s no need to make a large financial commitment since ticket prices only go up depending on where you want to sit.

In the NBA, several different teams have been prominent for their success. They include the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, and Boston Celtics. The Lakers have been a team that has had a lot of notable players come through their organization. Many of them have been part of championships with the team. Some of these players include Kobe Bryant and Michael Cooper.

Season tickets for the Lakers vary in price depending on the game. Tickets for weekday games start at $5 per game, while tickets for weekend games start at $8 per game. The more expensive tickets include floor seats, which are $310 for all home games. A birthday gift of some Lakers season tickets would be perfect for any sports fan who is turning 18 this year.


In conclusion, with the Lakers forking over an estimated $36 million per year to Kobe Bryant, it is evident that the Lakers are no longer an affordable option. However, with benefits like playoff tickets and premium seating, there are still plenty of opportunities for season ticket holders to reap rewards.
The Los Angeles Lakers are not an affordable option. They’re paying Kobe $36 million worth of salary every year, so they can’t afford to give out lower-priced tickets.

In conclusion, Los Angeles Lakers tickets are very expensive and are difficult to purchase without a season ticket. They provide the best seats for one of the most anticipated games in the NBA.
Los Angeles Lakers season tickets can be used to get front row seats to an exciting game with your favorite team, but they are quite expensive and difficult to purchase without a season ticket.

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