Does the BTS Meal Come With Photocards? (Some Real Example )

The Korean boy band BTS is one of the most popular groups in the world, and they’re making a lot of money, too. Their most recent album, Love Yourself: Tear, sold 1.11 million copies on its first week alone and they’ve been touring the world like no other. The article below discusses whether or not the group’s new meal box set comes with a set of photo cards as well as their album.

BTS is a Korean Pop group that has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years. As fans of the group, we love BTS, but sometimes we can’t help but be envious of those who get to see them live in different countries. In Korea, many events come with a food package, and these usually include a plate of food as well as a pack of photo cards from each member. But what about those who don’t live nearby?

This article covers the release of BTS’s latest album, LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer,’ and the significance of their photocard release. BTS is known to include a special high-quality booklet for fans with every album release, but what are they releasing with this new album? The answer is photo cards, which are said to be more valuable than any other type of memorabilia.

BTS is creating their meal with McDonald’s

The world’s most popular boyband is making their meal with McDonald’s. The band, BTS, has collaborated with the fast-food chain to create a Happy Meal that will be available in Malaysia starting on Friday. Despite having previously refused to advertise for the restaurant because they felt it was “unhealthy,” BTS agreed to collaborate with McDonald’s this time due to pressure from the company and their fans.

Fans of the popular K-Pop group BTS (Bangtan Boys) can make their favorite members’ favorite meals with McDonald’s. The function will be available until June 8th and includes eight of the 11 regular menu items that BTS often mentions on social media such as hamburgers, fries, and curry sauce. Fans can order these items by using the hashtag #ImaEatYouWithMyBigMac at any McDonald’s restaurant in Korea.

BTS, a popular K-Pop band, is creating its own McDonald’s meal. The boys will be launching the “Love My BTS Meal” combo on June 2nd. It will consist of a Big Mac, fries, and soda. The boys are collaborating with the fast-food giant to show off their new song “IDOL” and to promote self-love. This is just one example of how social media can affect pop culture.

Does the BTS Meal Come With Photocards?

Does the McDonald’s BTS meal come with photocards?

McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant that has been around for decades. They are known for their iconic golden arches and hamburgers, but what you may not know about McDonald’s is the wide variety of side dishes they offer. Most recently McDonald’s has introduced the “BTS Meal,” which includes a Big Mac, fries, and a drink. It also comes with either an exclusive BTS photocard or sticker.
The McDonald’s BTS meal is an exclusive item given to members of the fan club EXO-L for free. It includes a burger, fries, and a drink that has been specially made to taste like Coca-Cola. There are both EXO and BTS-themed burgers in the set. However, it doesn’t have any photocard or collectible card with it.
When K-pop fans decide to go to McDonald’s for a meal, they are sometimes disappointed. The thrill of seeing their favorite boy band members on the menu board quickly fades when they learn that there are no BTS photocards with their order. Oftentimes, people will come up to the counter and ask if they can get a photo of themselves with the food or get one of the cooks to take their picture with it.
Does the BTS Meal Come With Photocards?

What is included in BTS’ McDonald’s meal?

When K-pop sensation BTS announced its 2018 world tour, McDonald’s became one of the many companies to sponsor events. The fast-food restaurant has been sponsoring the group for years as they’ve grown into international superstars and the newest sponsorship includes a special bag that “salutes” the band.

Most of us have eaten some form of McDonald’s at one point in our lives. Whether it be for the food, the company, or just to grab a quick bite before heading out. However, you might not know what is included in their meal. This article will cover the ins and outs of what you can expect on your next visit.

You may be wondering what exactly BTS is eating at McDonald’s. Well, it turns out that they are eating deep-fried chicken McNuggets with fries for their meal. They also ate an apple pie slice and two iced coffees. The group sat down to eat their delicious meal on the way back from a concert in Los Angeles.


In conclusion, BTS is coming back to the United States, and this time they’re not just taking selfies with their fans. The new tour includes a concert, a photobook, and of course the Meal of the Day. This time BTS will be giving away a total of 350 million photocards to their fans during the tour. Along with a photobook, a concert, and Meal of the Day, BTS has plenty in store for the US.

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