Do Any of The Guys in BTS Have Tattoos? (Explained Here)

In today’s society tattoos are seen as an expression of artistic creativity and personal identity. However, it is still a controversial subject whether or not you should sport one in the workplace. The question also arises if any of the members from Bangtan Boys (BTS) have tattoos. There has been no public confirmation that any member has a tattoo but we can speculate based on their appearance in BTS music videos and performances.

BTS has reached a whole new level of fame in the United States, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. The K-pop group first made their crossover debut to a Western audience at the American Music Awards this past year, after being nominated for the Favorite Social Artist Award. The seven members have been very popular on social media since then, with all five of their newest albums topping the Billboard 200 chart as well as various other singles from them ranking high on charts as well.

The popular and well-known South Korean boy band consists of 7 members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. The group’s immense popularity is partially due to their tattoos as their images are often accompanied by these body art on social media.

Jungkook have  – At Least 6 Tattoos

BTS band member Jungkook has up to six tattoos which can be seen on his body. It is unclear what the meanings of the tattoos are, but many fans speculate that they were done in tribute or remembrance of someone close to him. One tattoo is meant to commemorate his sister who died from a car accident at age 15, while another is some sort of word that means “peace” in Korean.

Many people are unaware that Jungkook from the popular Korean boy band BTS has a tattoo. In a recent interview, he revealed that he has six tattoos and is contemplating adding a seventh to commemorate his love for his group. Along with being an individual, Jungkook also has three other members in the group who have their tattoos as well.

Do Any of The Guys in BTS Have Tattoos?

Jimin has – 1 Tattoo

While it is still unclear whether or not Jimin has any tattoos, he has been spotted wearing what appeared to be a tattoo on his arm. The photo was taken while he was modeling for an Adidas campaign. If this tattoo were real, it would be the only one the 23-year-old BTS member has so far.
On July 18th, Jimin was included in a post by the paparazzi that showed him looking down at his arm.

Being a member of the popular K-pop group, BTS, it is no surprise that Jimin has an unusual amount of ink. He first got his first tattoo in 2013, which was the tiger on his stomach because it’s his favorite animal.

Do Any of The Guys in BTS Have Tattoos?

J-Hope have – 0 Tattoos

J-Hope is a Korean-born rapper and member of the seven-member boy band BTS. Born Jung Ho-Seok, he joined Big Hit Entertainment through a hip hop battle in 2012 and began his career as a singer with the group in 2013. J-Hope has zero tattoos. “I don’t get tattoos because it’s not me,” said J-Hope, a member of the popular Kpop group BTS.

Kim Seok-jin (J-Hope) is a BTS member who doesn’t have any tattoos. Kim Seok-jin known as J-Hope is the only one in BTS without tattoos. He has said that he wants to keep his body clean and pure for his future wife when the day comes when he marries. When asked if there was anything in his house that he wanted to get inked on him, J-Hope replied with no.

J-Hope is a member of the Korean hip-hop group Bangtan Boys. Born Jung Hoseok, the talented singer and rapper is known for crafting catchy lyrical hooks as well as his strong vocal abilities. In addition to captivating fans with his vocals, J-Hope has also been recognized as a talented actor, best known for his role in KBS’ popular drama “Who Are You: School 2015.

V have  – 0 Tattoos

V of the famous K-Pop group BTS has never gotten a tattoo, even though he is the youngest member of the group. He is often seen as the “innocent” one in the group.  What is most interesting about V’s attitude towards tattoos is that he thinks it’s cool that his members can show off their personalities with their tattoos. “It’s cool because they can carve out their own story with their tattoos.

V is the lead vocalist and rapper in the newest K-pop group, BTS. V is known for his lovely voice and cat-like features with a small but powerful stature. He has been nicknamed “the mother bird” because of his caring nature and tendency to be the spokesperson for his members. V’s tattoos are minimal, as he does not want to take away from his natural beauty.

V (Kim Tae-Hyung) is the youngest member of the Korean boy band BTS. He became a member in 2015 and has been with them ever since. V is known for his bright personality, cute face, and sweet voice.
Not only does he have a sweet voice but he also has an impeccable sense of style.

Suga has – 0 Tattoos

Suga, one of the vocalists, rappers, and composers in the duo Bangtan Boys (BTS), has never gotten a tattoo. Suga is known for his creative contributions to BTS’s music including producing much of their early work. The lack of any visible tattoos might be because he wants to project an image of purity, but it might also be because he is careful about how he displays himself to people outside of South Korea.

BTS member Suga (Min Yoongi) has no tattoos. Suga is the rapper and vocalist of the group BTS, known for his deep voice and creative writing. His name is Min Yoongi but he goes by his stage name, Suga. He is the oldest member in BTS at 23 years old when they debuted in 2013. The youngest member in the group is Jungkook at 20 years old when they debuted.

Suga (BTS member) is an idol who has not yet been tattooed. He was born on March 9th, 1993, and currently resides in Seoul. Suga’s zodiac sign is Pisces and he is a Libra by Western Astrology. He enjoys drawing and fishing as hobbies and is seen as the timidest of the group.

Jin has – 0 Tattoos

Jin has -0 tattoos. It’s hard to believe that this member of the internationally popular K-pop band, BTS, has no tattoos. This is probably because he joined the group in 2010 when the band had only just started gaining traction on social media. He was born in 1990, so it’s possible that at the time, he was too young to be tattooing himself.

Music is a huge part of BTS’s ever-growing popularity, but not everyone knows that the boys also have a keen interest in art as well. Jin is the only member who hasn’t had any tattoos put on his body. The rest of the members have been getting tattoos since 2010, with one being Jin’s age.

K-pop, or Korean pop music, the industry is full of rappers and singers who have tattoos. One of the most popular bands in 2016 was BTS. The members have many tattoos that are visible on their arms, legs, and torso. This article will be discussing how these members of BTS all have no tattoos on their bodies. Jin is one member who has no tattoos on his body.

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