Top 10 Art & Design Android Apps For 2020

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The list compiles the Top 10 Grossing Apps on the application store. Though most of these apps are free to download, their Pro version requires a subscription to be accessed. All the apps are competitive and provide a lot of features that usually include pre-designed templates. 

With over 50 million+ downloads, this app had to make it to the top of the list. It also carries the tag of Editor’s Choice in the application store for Android and can be downloaded for free. As the name suggests, the app lets you design logos, flyers, posters, etc and is also a photo and video editor. 

It offers professionally made templates for easy editing. Posters, banners or other such visuals can be created from scratch or photos and videos can be edited with the help of filters and other options. Users have the option to edit in-depth with in-app purchases. Final designs can either be posted directly on social media or they can simply be downloaded. 

The app is easy to use and does not require professional skills. Users can make animated video posts; use filters to edit photos, videos, and texts; use text effects; and so forth. There are many options to choose from and each option provides high-quality effects.

Users can also access thousands of templates, fonts, stock photos, and so forth. Every photo or video so designed, made or edited is backed up and can also be posted directly on social media from this android app. The app can be used by professionals and normal users for professional edits. It has in-app purchases to unlock all the editing options. 

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It is a simple yet useful app. The app is designed especially for interior designers and architects. It helps create floor plans and also lets you add furniture to it, to help create a 3D visual of the floor, room or house so imagined. 

The projects so designed can have multiple floors and rooms with straight walls only. It has mouse support and gives an estimated area of the floors and the house. It supports metric and imperial units. Pre-designed doors, rooms, furniture, etc make editing easier. The design can be backed up or shared in different formats. It is an ideal app for floor designers and all the features can be accessed after buying a subscription. 

The app offers over 84,000 graphics, 500 customizable templates, 350 fonts, stock photos, and much more. There are many options either to start afresh or to edit a photo. The experts behind the app have added high-quality and eye-catching templates, designs, and photos to help out the artist with you.

It is a great app for people in the marketing and advertising field. The app can be downloaded for free but the user will have to buy a subscription to access all the features. Different animations and graphics could be added to the pictures for enhanced visuals and the experts also teach, hint and guide the users for better insights.

The app is to be bought before download. It offers millions of images and wallpapers; the most in number on the list. It aims to provide the best HD wallpapers to its users. Since the collection is huge, there is something for everyone. The wallpapers can be designed flexibly and can be saved in high-quality. It is user-friendly and easy to use. 

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It has over 1 million downloads. The best feature this app has to offer is that it lets the users draw over videos. Other than scribbling on videos, you can add animations to your photos. The options to edit are highly customizable and the final output can be uploaded or shared in high-quality.

The app is free to download and lets the user access many features. Yet, the subscription offers even more and new features are added frequently.

For all your invitation card needs, this is the app to install. There are thousands of templates to choose from and the invitations can be designed for various events including weddings, baby shower, engagement, birthdays, anniversaries, and so forth. By buying the Pro package, premium templates, graphics, fonts, etc can be accessed.

The app can also be used to create greeting cards. It is a versatile app and the final designs can be saved to the device and shared in high-quality. It is recommended to buy the Pro package to fully exploit the app.

It is an ideal app for drawing artists. It has more than 150 natural brush effects and new brush effects can be created. 3D designs can be made, too. Users can choose to draw different shapes with available options or go wild with their imagination. The app is simple to use and gives extreme flexibility to the user. It feels no different than drawing on paper. 

Photos can be turned into paintings or they can be edited using the app. The advanced features can be bought for multiple layer editing, cropping options, gradient fill, and other such detailed options. There are millions of colors available and the files can be saved in different formats or shared online.

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It offers templates, photo editor, stickers, fonts, and background images. You can create digital ad posters and simple posters for marketing and advertisement purposes. The app is designed for professionals. On buying the subscription, users will need to learn how to use the app before being able to make the most out of it. It proves great for designing ads, posters, and banners.

It also carries the Editors’ Choice tag. It has been loved by the users owing to its UI experience. Users can draw and animate easily with the help of drawing and animation tools. Users get up to 3 layers for free and for advanced animation and editing, you will have to buy the package. The audio could also be added, animated videos could be made.

This app has a lot many features to edit photos and videos and to add animation to them. The final output can be shared to various social media. The app is fun to use and also has frequent contests and challenges.

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