APUS Browser – The Little Browser and How To Get It On Your PC

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Browsers are the medium software through which we perform various internet activities like browsing and doing tasks, which involve the internet. They store a huge amount of data or we can say that browsers consume a huge amount of space as they save a lot of cache and cookies. It is thus very irritating and so the need for a lightweight browser like APUS browser has raised.

There are hundreds of web browsers available online. People prefer one based on their likings and familiarity. Now as smartphones are in everybody’s hands, it is most often that a person will prefer the website, which is more familiar to him i.e. which he enjoys using on his mobile phone.

APUS Browser – The Little Browser and How To Get It On Your PC 1
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The solution to this is that third-party Android emulators like BlueStacks can be used to operate an Android app on the computer with ease and the same experience.

APUS Browser – What We Know So Far

APUS Browser is renowned for its size. Yes, the size of the app is the thing, which matter s the most in the APUS web browser. The app is also known as A5 Browser. In spite of being such a small size, the app has great speed and strength to sustain a lot of information gathering and saving data in the most optimal way.

Thus, the APUS browser is most recommended for people who wish to have a less space-consuming app with features that of a large size-consuming browser.

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APUS is generally made for the Android version only. There, in an Android device, the app comes with a simple user interface yet functions like loading of complex pages and video embedding can be done as easily as any other normal browser. This app can be used in a PC be it any version of Windows OS or of Mac with the help of third-party Android App working apps like BlueStacks or Nox App Player.

Features of APUS Browser

The stellar features of APUS browser are as follows:

  • It has a Boosted browsing speed
  • Files can be downloaded super-fast speed and in a smart manner
  • The app automatically protects from URL safety checking
  • The app comes with an exceptionally very small size.
  • Fast Search is available and multi-tab manager is very efficient and easy to use.

How to Use APUS browser in Windows or Mac

APUS Browser is an Android app. The only way to get it on PC is through third-party Android emulators such as BlueStacks or Nox App Player. Thus, the steps to use or get the app in both Windows and Mac devices are the same.

The steps are stated below:

  1. Install and run BlueStacks or Nox App Player whichever you prefer.
  2. If you install BlueStacks, go to My Apps and search, install APUS Browser, and download it from Google Play Store available in the app. For Nox App users, they can simply search the app in the tab searcher after logging in their Google account
  3. After login and clicking on download, the app will start to download on install automatically on your PC with a speed depending on your internet connection. This step is the same in both of the emulators. 
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