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Pokeland Legends : Welcome to the legendary poketown

Pokeland Legends is an android based free game. It comes from the legendary game francises Pokemand Legends, Epic pet Monster and Fate world and the mistry of Monster.

This game is basically from China and available mainly on Android Devices and iOS as well.

How to Download?

Step 1: Click on the .apk File above (The download button right under the big App name.)

Step 2: Install it on your Android Device.

Step 3: Allow the requests or permissions required for Pokeman Legends app while installing.

Step 4: Open the app and start enjoying!

Pokeman Legends Tips

  • Check if you have equipped your wish star with dual blade.
  • Can you inherit the 12 Hidden Skills or you have to break it again at the Pokemon? – Haven’t done it myself but I heard the 12 dong transfer you have to unlock again
  • How to increase poke power level?
    1. Giving the poke specific items that it likes to consume.
    2. By leaving the poke inside player housing to grow as time passes by, this also increases experience level.
    3. When fusing monsters the monster will receive a portion of the used pokes friendship and experience.


Arceus is the easiest to get and more versatile legendary you can get, I recommend you getting that one first; you can get its shards in the arena store (1 daily) and once you reached 200 rank in battle arena. Then opt for Kyogre to form a water team alogn with arceus water plate + water type.


Video of Pokeland Legends



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