Anonytun: Ways to use this app on PC and MAC

anonytun app for pc
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The problems of internet connection likely prevail if the connectivity is poor. In such a situation, an alternate connection is required so as to get smooth service 24*7. There are various applications that have been developed in order to get in touch with a good internet connection. Anonytun is an application that serves up to the requests of having one of the best VPN connections, which uses the servers of various countries to get in touch with good and efficient internet speed. 

The application is versatile enough to be used and downloaded in all platforms and its uses are vast than ever imagined. The design is top notch and guarantees the use of it by all individuals. The connection is completely secure, without the hassle of leaking private information of the users. Therefore, the benefits of the Anonytun app lie in good speed and effective internet connection without any interruption. 

Guidelines to use the application on PC:

In order to download the Anonytun app on PC, one must surely have the latest version of Windows, which is Windows 10, installed. Without this, the app won’t run successfully. In addition to that, a step by step to get in touch with this app on the Windows platform is detailed below-

  • Since this is a VPN connection app, there are certain technicalities that must be followed to get things done smoothly. 
  • One might simply log in with the desired account wither on the Google Play store or on the Windows store. Both have the app downloading option. 
  • Since the application requires only a little storage, the play store wants the individual to accept the terms and conditions of service. This would make the whole process easier during the installation time. 
  • By clicking on the downloading option, the app takes around a minute in the medium of good internet speed. After that, the installation follows, thereby allowing the user to connect to good internet speed. 
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A proper step by step guide to download the application on MAC:

As for PC, even Mac devices have the option of downloading the Anonytun app. This can be done with the help of a few steps:

  • MAC Devices are considered to be a better platform for letting this app run itself. 
  • The MAC play store is having this app with its latest version and therefore, only registered users can download this application owing to the conditions of service of Apple devices. 
  • Once the downloading starts, the device also checks the security of it, thereby assuring the readers if there is any hazard or not. Once the downloading is stopped, the installation takes place automatically under the Apple store laws. 
  • With all of the above procedures completed, the user can completely connect to a better internet connection. 

How To Use This App on PC?

  • Download Bluestacks on your Computer (Mac or PC)
  • Open the Bluestacks app and find Google Play Store app which is installed by default with Bluestacks.
  • Search the Anonytun app on the Play Store.
  • Install the app.
  • Enjoy!

This VPN Anonytun app is really essential when there is bad internet connectivity. It serves to be a secondary option for emergency situations in relation to hassle-free internet speed. 

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