Amazon App Store APK Download for Android, Windows PC & Mac (Latest Version)

Amazon is a quite famous name in the online shopping platform business as well as various other ventures such as amazon kindle, amazon music, etc. Though you can download individual apps of each of these services from various app stores across different platforms, you would be surprised to know that Amazon actually offers its own Appstore known as Amazon app store. This app is basically like a one for all platform to avail all the apps managed and provided by Amazon. The application base has been steadily growing for the Appstore over the years and it is expected with the future tie-ups and promotional launches, it would become a prominent name in the applications store marketplace.


The amazon app store apk was first launched on 22 March, 2011 in around 200 countries. The application received a good response and its developers grew to enjoy goof profits for 70% of the app’s list price or in-app purchase. Since then, Amazon has taken various significant steps that have brought the application store into limelight and attract the attention of more consumers. With a steady performance, the app store also delivers various features that are really popular amongst its users. Some of these are:

App of the Day

Ever since its launch, Amazon Appstore has been including a special section on its homepage known as ‘free app of the day’. You must be aware that many apps available on various platforms such as android, mac or windows cost money to download and use. You need to purchase such apps in order to interact with them. But what if you can get them for free? Yes. It’s true, amazon app store apk has this amazing feature of offering a free app of the day. On its launch day, Angry birds rio (advertisements free) was that free app of the day.

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Test drive

Up until 2015, test drive was a really popular feature in the amazon app store. Test drive was actually a feature that allowed the users to experience an android-like user stimulation for half an hour in a web browser. This was done with the help of Amazon EC2 cloud and provided such experience with the help of a virtual copy. Sadly though, this feature was withdrawn in 2015 due to various free to play business models and many apps not being able to support this format.

Amazon coins

Amazon has its own virtual currency system known as amazon coins. With the help of the coins acting as payment method, you can actually buy or purchase various apps or app elements from the Amazon apps. The best part is that with its new launches, Amazon actually gives out free amazon coins to its existing users.

How to install Amazon Appstore?

To get the download link for the amazon Appstore apk you can go This download link actually provides you the link to download the apk file for your android mobile phone, tablet or any other devices. You can have the download link sent to a particular email address with the help of this page. When you visit the page, simply follow the on-screen prompts and you are ready to go. Once downloaded successfully, follow the steps given below:

  • Enable unknown sources setting

To install the downloaded apk file of Amazon Appstore you need to enable the unknown sources setting of your device. This is needed as your device may not recognise the developer of the apk file and would try to restrict activities from unknown sources. To bypass this default setting, you need to enable the unknown sources setting of your device. You need not worry about the security and privacy of your information due to the installation of this app as it is completely safe and secure to use.

  • Check compatibility
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Now, when you are done with the setting you can begin installation but are you sure that your current device is actually compatible for the application? It might not be as, for instance, the amazon Appstore for android can only function on android devices that use the android version 4.1 and greater. Android devices running on version below than this cannot make use of the Amazon Appstore. So, it is important to check the compatibility of your device prior to installation.

  • Give access to requested permissions

To provide a complete catered service, the Amazon Appstore application requests for various permissions such as ‘access to read or send SMS messages.’ This is done to give you relevant notifications from the application and keep you updated. Also, as the app involved possible in-app purchases, your device might prompt you about ‘this app may cost you money’. Make sure that you provide all permissions asked by the app for a smooth functioning.

  • Install the downloaded application

Once, you are done with these pre requisites, you are ready to install the application on your device. Now you just need to wait for few minutes and your Amazon Appstore app would be ready to use.

Frequently asked questions

What does Amazon Appstore do?

Amazon Appstore is a one stop place for tons of games, applications and much more. On Amazon Appstore, you can download any app available on the platform as long as it is eligible in your region.

What are Amazon coins?

Amazon coins are in-app currency for the amazon app store apk which can also be used in associated amazon applications such as amazon kindle. You can use these coins to make purchases, payments, etc.

So, if you are looking for a place where you can find everything Amazon and much more then Amazon Appstore should be your go-to option. With more and more cool features and offers being updated every day, you can avail unbelievable offers on the Amazon Appstore. 

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