20 Scientific Discoveries & Inventions That Changed This World Completely!

Discovery and Inventions
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From the very beginning of this world; it changed a lot. Once upon a time, people didn’t know how to flame the fire and now in this era, people are using fires to do whatever s/he wants. This is just one thing that pops up right on the head if anyone asks you how this world has changed and from when.

Discovery and Inventions
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So, let’s find out the top 20 scientific discoveries and brilliant inventions those are all-time greatest and without these this world wouldn’t be such beautiful, comfortable and easy to live and come so far of dignity and civilization.

  1. Electricity

    Imagine a day without electricity! Impossible…right? Well, Benjamin Franklin firstly discovered the differences between lightning and an electric spark by having experimented with a Kite, Key, and Storm. Later Alessandro Volta found a specific chemical reaction that can produce electric current. Around 600 BC Thales researched about the Magnetism and Electricity which led the scientist think about it better. Micheal Faraday invented the Electric Motor at first in 1827. Later Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison took these electrical experiments to the next level and commercially launched electricity with filament bulbs that started enlighten this world literally.

  2. The Internet

    Like other world-changing inventions so far, the Internet also passed toughest roads after roads and countless numbers of a failed trial. The initial attempt of inventing Internet was done by Leonard Kleinrock in 1961. Leonard Kleinrock, J.C.R. Licklider, and Robert Taylor created ARPANET which was the first successful attempt of inventing the Internet.

    Later The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) firstly introduced the Internet to the public in 1969. The first commercial ISP of this world was named “The World” in 1989 and the Internet is started booming to all over the USA and the world.

    Tim Berners Lee introduced the World Wide Web (WWW) on August 6, 1991. Mosaic was the first Web Browser of this world.

  3. The Airplane

    The famous Wright brothers were the first successful propelled Airplane inventor of this world. Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright were born in America. They first tested their first Airplane (was like Kite initially. Also known as Glider.) on 1900 and they continuously pushed the flying limit and strength of this glider up to the year of 1902. In 1903, they used Power on their Glider. Orville and Wilbur started flying by their own on the planes on 1904 and that was the real starting of the Airplane what we see today. These two Wright brothers later founded an aviation company and globalized this Airplane idea to all over the world.

  4. The Compass

    The compass is probably the most ancient invention on this list. Firstly Chinese people invented this in 206 BC. Later it was vastly used for Military Orienteering at 1240 and then on Maritime Engineering at 1111.

  5. Telephone

    There are lots of claims placed on who invented the Telephone first. But it is true that there is some worth mentioning scientist who worked their lives to bring the Telephone in this world. These individuals are chronological –a) Charles Grafton Page, 

    b) Innocenzo Manzetti, 

    c) Charles Bourseul, 

    d) Johann Philipp Reis, 

    e) Antonio Meucci: Meucci is who invented telettrofono – a voice communicating device which actually led to today’s Telephone. But due to lack of English knowledge and marketing know-how, he couldn’t market it in the USA and the world so forth. 

    f) Elisha Gray and 

    g) Alexander Graham Bell: Bell is actually the inventor of Telephone. The very first Telephone was very short range and the first talk over that phone is – “Watson, come here. I want to see you.” Graham Bell claimed the patent of Telephone in 1876. 

  6.  Clock

    The clock was named as Sundials which was first invented in Babylon over 6 thousand years ago. Later Pluto firstly created Water Based alarm clock on 1st Millenia BC. Su Sung from China invented the first mechanized water clock. Jacob Zech from Prague invented first mechanized analog clock in 1525. Later Galileo Galilei and Christian Huygens invented Pendulum Clock. German Peter Heinlein introduced modern clock in 1511. Still, Huygens is credited as the inventor of Clock.

  7. DNA

    Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) invented by Alec Jeffreys on 10th September 1984. Alec is a British Geneticist and a professor at the University of Leicester. He developed techniques for DNA Fingerprints and DNA profiling which is a MUST these days for forensic science and human identification as individuals.

  8. Gravity

    Sir Isaac Newton discovered Gravity for the first time. Newton was born in English and besides discovering Gravity he also proves that it depends on different factors like Mass, Distance, and the placement. Interestingly, Gravity idea clicked on Newton Head when he was sitting below of an Apple tree and an Apple fell and hit him on the head. He understood that a force is needed to change the speed and direction of any given object. And this is how Gravity thing became understandable to the public.

  9. The Wheel

    Interestingly the wheel was invented after a lot of time of civilization built all over the world. Even after a lot of time of the Agriculture started in major parts of this world. The first Wheel was seen in the Mesopotamian Civilization which was 4th Millenia BC. It was kind of Wooden Wheels and later in 1550 BC, spoked wheel firstly introduced.

  10. The Computer

    British Mathematicians Charles Babbage invented the first programmable computer in 1830. Many people claim that Alan Turing also the first initiator of the computer making program. Babbage at first tried to make a mechanical calculator named Difference Engine. It was totally based on numbers which actually the foundation of modern computers. Besides when the Difference Engine is done, an Analytical Engine was work on the process and Babbage could not complete it. But what he planned and dreamed, was graphed and noted down on papers on a science museum in Britain. And eventually, that science museum in London actually succeeded in making the first computer for this world. But the problem is, the first computer was as bigger as a common room with enormous amounts of parts, wires and electronics conductors.

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I have collected the information of discoveries and inventions from various trusted sources of the Internet. If you find any flaw on this piece of an article; please mention below at the comment with a reference (please). I will edit these as soon as possible. Till then, keep sharing this awesome article. 🙂

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